For my readers: most of the items featured here on the blog are ones I/we purchase. However, I do at times write about products gifted to me which I will denote as "PR sample" or "sponsored". I'm also part of a few affiliate programs, BUT I can promise you I will always be honest, whichever way that swings, and I will never promote any item that I wouldn't use on myself or my family. 

I am always deeply grateful for those of you who read and support my blog.


Product Review: I am open to accepting and reviewing products that I feel align with my mission here on this blog, which is 1) to move industries and the products they put forth toward a safer place for everyone, and 2) helping us Moms keep our sparkle in a world full of spit up. As stated, I have a knack for glamorous, luxe, high performing things, but I also prefer that they be natural, organic, cruelty free, BPA free and generally non-harmful. Please know I do ask for full disclosure on ingredients, testing standards, processes, ethics, etc. 

Sponsored Posts/Advertising: As you'll see there are rarely an ads on this site other than the typical Google generated. This does not mean I am opposed to running ads (Hey, got a family to support here!), but again I'm very transparent about catering to my readers and what would be best suited for their experience. Same goes for Sponsored Posts. If interested, let's chat.

Please reach me at sparklesandspitup@gmail.com.