Hey there! Welcome to a blog written by a Southern gal living in Central Cal.  Okay, so maybe rhyming isn't my forte, but nail polish is. And make up, beauty products and luxe, sparkly things! But since having my son, those sparkly things are few and far between. I have a new world to obsess over, one mostly covered in spit up, dirt, and any number of other not-so-nice things.

I've come here to share my love of all things beauty (and now baby) and the life that happens in between. Particulary the products we both use. My love affair with high performing products has now been met with the need for them to be non-toxic and preferably cruelty free. So I spend quite a bit of time finding the natural, organic, golden items that fit my standards. I know that not everyone has that kind of time, so I share this information with all of you. I also want share things I wish I'd known and what I've learned on this new journey - all in hopes that it may help you decide what to choose (or NOT choose). If anything, you'll get a good laugh or shed a similar tear. I'm sure I'll also share some random musings, fitness tips, recipes and other moments that make life really sweet.

I've had success as a publicist, brand strategist, and wardrobe stylist; most recently I work as a Communications Director in wine country and as a professional make up artist (because I just can't put the brushes down). BUT I am by no means claiming to be an expert. I'm simply opening up about my take as I navigate/stumble/triumph in this world called Motherhood, all while trying to keep a little sparkle among the spit-up!


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