Thursday, April 14, 2016


Mother's Day celebrations are always special. Whether it's with your own Mom, in honor of her, or celebrating with the friends in your life that are now mother's themselves and especially if you're a Mom. It's a relatively thankless (yet completely glorifying) job, so when you're in the club, you know it deserves a day of its own.

Now that I'm a mother I constantly stop myself and think, "I now know why my Mom did this..." It could be anything from worrying to constantly cleaning, but I especially know why my Mom always had her trusty Chardonnay.

I recall thinking Chardonnay was the worst wine on the market when I turned 21, who would drink such a thing? But as I got older, I began to understand why it's the number one varietal in the United States. It's drinkable, refreshing and pairs well with so much. And over the past few years, it's become my wine of choice, and over the past few years I've also been a mother - my oh my. how we've come full circle! That old adage about your Mother's Chardonnay, well, it now pertains to you.

Thankfully with brands like Butter, we'll actually claim it! If you haven't tried Butter Chardonnay, it's aptly named and bold in its buttery nature. It's rich, luscious and easy to drink, marrying a lovely vanilla finish with some baked lemon aromas. So technically it could be your favorite wine and favorite dessert rolled into one, making it a preferred choice when staring at an entire wine aisle. It doesn't hurt that the label is adorable and might as well say "Drink Me".

So wherever you are and whomever you are celebrating this Mother's Day, grab a bottle of Butter (nationwide at Wholefoods, Bevmo, Kroger and more - find out here) and toast it up high. As mothers were stronger than we ever knew, love more than we ever thought capable, and at the end of the day, we're more like our Mothers than we'd like to admit - and that's something to celebrate.

For more on Butter, Jam and Toast wines, head on over to The Scoop for information, chances to win BottleRock tickets, swag and more!

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