Tuesday, March 1, 2016


At this point, I have a bevy of beauty oils in my arsenal. All crafted with the purest ingredients and each catering to a specific skin concern. Sadly, I don't get around to using all of them as often as I'd like because I'm pretty devoted to one particular oil, as it plays a significant role in my skincare routine. So when this month's Beauty Heroes products arrived, I almost felt bad that it was another oil. Was I going to be able to give it the love it deserved? Well, turns out, I was.

Dealing with so many beauty products, I was bound to come across the one that just didn't work for me. And I just so happened to find that "one" last week. It was a natural peel of sorts, which went over just fine until the next day I woke up to my face covered in bright red, irritated bumps in the direct formation of where I'd applied the mask. I panicked. I might have even cried. It was not only unsightly but extremely uncomfortable and itchy. I reached for the most gentle of my current skin care products, not wanting to add to the irritation with something new, but nothing was working, there was no relief.

By the second day in the same condition, I was staring in my beauty closet and I kept coming back to the Skin Owl Mangosteen Beauty Drops. I'd read the awesome Pocket Guide provided in the Beauty Heroes box, but I read it again and the main attributes that kept popping out were "anti-inflammatory" and "de-stress skin" and "visibly correct blemishes" - and while I'm not certain that these were blemishes, they were something, and I was desperate. Normally, I wouldn't try a new product on irritated skin, but knowing it couldn't get much worse, I pressed a few drops of the amazingly scented oil into my skin and went to bed - hoping, praying.

And those hopes were answered. I woke up to at least 50% reduction in the size of the bumps on my face, to where it just looked slightly raised in certain spots. The redness and itchiness were completely gone. I ran back into the bathroom to read the bottle and material again, thinking NO WAY this works that well, but with just two all-star ingredients - raw, organic, cold-pressed Baobab oil and Mangosteen oil  - it sure had. I spent the rest of the morning over my matcha reading about Mangosteen oil benefits and the principles of Skin Owl, and I was just blown away. And to think I didn't know if I could give it a chance.


Skin Owl Mangosteen Beauty Drops, $85

Aside from my testament above, this simple oil proves that a little can go a long way, both in amount of ingredients, but also in the actual formula. I found that 3-5 drops covered my face sufficiently. It's a very sweet aroma, naturally derived of course. It helps calm inflammation, soothe and clear acne, protect from oxidative stress and fortify the skin with essential minerals. I would absolutely encourage this for anyone with chaotic skin. Even after my skin fully healed, I use it at least one night a week for it's antimicrobial and antibacterial components, to keep any future issues at bay -  plus it provides the most gorgeous glow.

This product embodies creator Annie Tevelin's attitude of less is more, because often when there's something going on with our skin, we try every which remedy, which ends up overloading our skin, when these two simple ingredients have proven they can do the trick. 


Skin Owl Heroic Helichrysum Steam, $6

This sweet Sidekick is EXCLUSIVE to Beauty Heroes subscribers. The Heroic Helichrysum steam invites you to partake in an age-old ritual of steaming, which is another one of Annie's principles, taking the time to honor our skin also helps us honor other parts of our lives. The ingredients are all harvested from a family farm here in America, all organic, blending dried yarrow, helichrysum, cornflower, calendula, rose, French lavender and blue chamomile.

I quickly sprinkled the contents into a heat-safe bowl of steamy water, threw a towel over my head and just allowed the moisture and properties to seep into my cleansed skin while inhaling the precious scent and a few positive thoughts. It was a great way to not only care for my skin but take a moment away from the day's distractions and find my center.


As I mentioned, it's a monthly subscription box. For the price of $39 per month, you get one to two full-size products that are comprised of "HERO" ingredients. Meaning, the ones that are good for you, ones that won't harm you, ones that nourish your skin and your soul. In the same shipment, you usually get a smaller Sidekick product that is a deluxe sample size that compliments the full-size version, another way to completely explore a line and see how it works into your routine. Typical value of the box is $85 dollars and above. So you're at least getting double what your paying, if not 3x the value like the December box.

Aside from the actual products, one thing I love about the box is that it's educational. So often choosing clean alternative products can be overwhelming, so I love that this always comes with a pocket guide that goes into detail about each product and also why it's a HERO. There's also resources that explain the Villains, or the things we should avoid at all cost. It's great to toss into your bag and pull out any time you're shopping or researching products. With every box I learn more and more about the decisions to make and it becomes like second nature.

Oh, and how could I forget, box subscribers get 15% off of the Beauty Heroes Clean Beauty Shop, which has every Hero Product featured, so if you love it you can always replenish your stock at a discount!

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