Friday, January 8, 2016


The holidays, while seemingly behind us, leave some lingering effects. For most of us, celebrations tend to involve a fair amount of indulgence: whether it be in things we don't normally eat, more than we usually drink or staying up hours we typically sleep.

While there is no such thing as a magic pill or quick fix to rid ourself of any damage done, I do find that giving my body a break is always best. I'm not talking an overhaul or excavation, but through gentle detox remedies. Now, "detox" brings about visions of harsh cleanse, or is attached to certain marketing ploys of losing a certain amount of weight and guaranteed touted health benefits, but if we get back to basics the definition of a detox is "a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances." This doesn't mean it has to be severe, we just need to know what we're trying to eliminate and how "detox" products are going to aid us in that journey.

Having spent two weeks in Italy before returning on Thanksgiving day, just in time to continue the months long festivities, I found I needed to take a break from refined carbs, sugars and alcohol. It all sounds fine, until you go cold turkey and all you want is said eliminated items. Which is when I turn to Dr. Jackson's Detox Tea.

I made my husband take a bite out of the chocolate for the shot, no cheating for me!

This tea is formulated to cleanse and purify your body using only natural ingredients (and a plant based tea bag) with medicinal properties. Fennel helps boost digestion; Elderflower, Aniseed and Senna fruit help debloat and rid of harmful toxins and free radicals; and Spanish licorice is anti-inflammatory.

I find that it does help digestion go much smoother, eliminates any gas or tummy discomfort and also seems to tame me wanting to run for a loaf of bread, glass of wine or any of those other things that cause my upset to begin with. It also helps me by substituting for my sugar cravings that inevitably kick in around 3:00PM. The Spanish licorice has natural glycyrrhizin which gives a sweet taste, so I somehow convince myself it's a delectable treat. And to be honest, it becomes one, I've actually come to enjoy my little ritual. It's funny how your body adjust in just a few short days, the more you distance yourself from what you're trying to eliminate, and the more your organs can eliminate said item from it's system, the more your body has a clean start. Which is really all it takes, once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening for about 5 days and its just enough to get your liver and digestive system a quick reset.

Now you could drink this without altering your diet, just to help aid in digestion and cut back on your toxin load, but its really beneficial if you're trying to kick artificial or added sugar or any other crutch to the curb. Again, this isn't something you should substitute for meals or something that's going to help you lose a quick few pounds, that's not what a detox is. This detox tea is an herbal medicinal treatment to help you eliminate items in your system that are causing you discomfort so you can start off on a fresh foot.

Tea purchased from Credo Beauty. You can find other purchasing options online, but I love that Credo sends me some super awesome green beauty samples, to help continue my clean living journey and introduce me to new brands.

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