Tuesday, December 1, 2015


You've probably seen these cute little sponges on the pages of beauty magazines, beauty blogger Instagrams and in subscription boxes as of late (GoodBeing Box & Organic Bunny have both featured this exact sponge.) And for good reason, they're extremely practical, not to mention effective.

What is a Konjac Sponge?

Konjac is a plant, mostly found in Asian countries, that grows wild at high altitudes. It's a natural food source (yes, it can be eaten, but maybe don't) that somewhat resembles a potato. It's very high in minerals and naturally alkaline, so the neutral pH doesn't throw your skin off balance.

When thoroughly soaked in water, the sponge feels thick and rubbery, however, the natural fibers have a fine texture that help exfoliate the skin, remove dirt and oil and purge blackheads. Because it does absorb so much water, it helps lather with less cleanser, so you're saving product as well. You can even use it without a cleanser, especially specialized versions infused with natural clays and minerals. Different cuts can also be used for the entire body, to slough dead skin and refine.

Unlike typical sponges, when stored properly after use, they dry quickly so bacteria doesn't grow. They're recommended to replace monthly, so mold, germs and other gross stuff don't invade your sponge.

(FYI it's pronounced 'Con-jick', not "Cone-Yack", for those of you that like to botch things, ahem - ME.)

My Konjac Sponge

I was drawn to this company because so many had such great things to say about them, but then was further impressed when I learned the creator designed the line while pregnant, because of her search for something non-toxic that helped calm her hormonal skin. The range was further developed with nursing women and babies in mind, so a scrutinous eye was definitely applied. Further, it's a 100% eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty free and ethical product. A way to cleanse your skin that doesn't put your skins health at risk. The quality of their sponges is excellent, as is their price point. 

Clockwise from Top Left:

Baby Bath Sponge - Free of any added minerals and extra soft, perfect for delicate skin. Worked extremely well on my sons eczema and rough patches, and he loves the texture and learning to bathe himself.

French Red Clay Sponge - Infused with French Red Clay to reduce dryness and improve skins clarity, great for sensitive or mature skin. Any coloring is simply from the clay, no additional additives. My personal favorite.

Pure Facial Sponge - Soft enough for the most sensitive skin, but still able to effectively exfoliate. Great for any skin type.

Bamboo Charcoal Body Sponge - The 6 wave design helps exfoliate the entire body while keeping bacteria at bay and removing excess oil, without over drying. This is perfect for hard to reach places, especially after a good workout. My husband has officially stolen this one.

You probably saw that I traveled with my favorite French Red Clay Sponge across 4 countries this past month, and thank goodness I did. It was perfect for keeping skin build up at bay, while enhancing moisture levels in dry, wintery climates. I also was able to hang it up and night and throw it in my bag the next morning as we packed up and went to another city. 

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