Monday, December 21, 2015


Usually when a product like Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum comes along with such hefty claims as  "the oil to end all face oils", I'm halfway skeptical. How could this be THE oil, what magic powers does it behold? Well, what I also need to mention is the other half of me is screaming "I HAVE TO HAVE IT, NOW". However, the teensy tiny issue in this situation was the $185 price tag. I'd read the reviews, I felt like I knew deep down I would love it, but was I willing to devote that much of my beauty allotment on one oil? I had plenty of gorgeous, effective oils, I just wasn't sure how this would be so different. So, I (reluctantly) put it on my wish list.

Months go by and I'm going on my merry little way and found myself investigating BEAUTY HEROES. If you haven't heard of it, it's a subscription box that singles out one HERO product per month. No myriad of samples or trials, but one full size product per month, sometimes with a smaller sidekick that compliments the item. Each item is carefully chosen for it's "HERO ingredients", ones that nourish our bodies, ones that effectively perform, NOT ones that cause ill effects or harm. The whole premise of the box is pretty much everything I believe in, so in November I decided to go for it.

Much to my delight I received Jose Rosebrook's Balance Shampoo & Conditioner, with a sidekick of Hairspray. What a deal! All of this valued at $75 and I was able to enjoy them for the subscription price of $39. It's such a fantastic way to try new items and save yourself some money. Another bonus, as a subscriber you get a discount when you go back to buy anything you love through the site. I was 100% satisfied.

So, December rolls around, I'm looking forward to a new box... AND HOLY GOODNESS. Sorry. I'll try not to type in all caps, but yes, the HERO Product was Vintner's Daughter. A $185 serum for the $39 subscription price. I felt like I had won the ecoglam lottery. I think that right there tells you how amazing the BEAUTYHEROES subscription box is. (The December box sold out lightening quick, as you can imagine, but if you're contemplating signing up, do! It's probably the best deal around and a great way to explore non-toxic luxury goods.)

I tracked that package straight to my mail box, left early from work and ran down my extremely long driveway. I cradled the bottle in my hands like it was a chunk of gold. I put all my plans on hold so I could go wash my face and slather the oil on, it was heaven in a bottle.

It's hard to explain the texture, but it's light and absorbs quickly. The scent is slightly herbal (think rosemary) yet not overbearing. I put the drops on my fingers, massaged and waited for the magic to happen. And it happened. I kind of wanted to be a neysayer, but I couldn't if I wanted to. I woke up with bright, even skin. Over a week I noticed I had not one blemish, black head or even faintest of something for me to pick at. Had to be a fluke, right?

Over the course of a few weeks, my discoloration seemed less apparent, still no blemishes, every day I woke up with clearer, more radiant skin. My lines softened. I don't know how to describe it properly, but it's as if a veil has been lifted from my face to reveal the real skin.

Chock it all up to the vineyards. With a base of grapeseed oil, ripened like a fine wine to their peek performance, it penetrates deep into your skin allowing the actives to go with it. I'm talking Cypress and Frankincense, helping cells heal and bringing blood to the surface. Then another 22 of the most active botanicals on the planet (primrose, carrot, hazelnut) in the highest allowable percentages, renewing your skin every night.

Everyone keeps asking me what makeup I'm using these days, it hasn't changed. It's the skin beneath it that's as vibrant as ever. And I don't have to question one single thing that's being absorbed into my skin, it's all from nature, and it's all working. It's truly a beautiful, exceptional, blend of oil perfection. Would I spend $185 on it now that I know, absolutely.

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