Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meet Joséphine

I started this blog 3 years ago for two reasons, 1) that I was shocked at the ingredients in the products we used daily on ourselves and our families, and 2) the search for high performing cosmetics and skincare that weren't harmful. Over my blog's life I've discovered many brands that have opened my eyes to the power of natural ingredients, however, as a professional makeup artist, there's still a touch of a void in truly high performing items.

Now, on myself I've completely made the switch to nontoxic, natural products because I can sacrifice a mascara that smudges or an eyeliner that smears or a lipstick that doesn't last, I just purchase a different natural brand the next time. But when a client hires me to provide services for a red carpet event, or wedding in which photos are cherished forever, or any other event where performance is required - I'll admit I haven't switched over fully because there are some items I haven't found fit the bill. Of course I keep searching, and trying and testing on myself, but it's been a slower process.

I tell you all of this because it's the backstory to my next brand introduction: Joséphine Cosmetics.

Inspired by the exquisite world of couture, Joséphine Cosmetics is a brand centered around extravagance, indulgence, opulence and most importantly, high performance. I know it all sounds very pretty, because it is! Colors are derived from runway shows and must-have colors, made organically for optimal results. Think French elegance and New York City cool. If you've seen their packaging, you definitely get it.

Our Belief.
We believe beauty is measured not by society’s standards but by the woman herself. The underground beauty and carefree spirit of the femme fatal will be reborn in Joséphine. Many cosmetics are mass-produced with mysterious chemicals, but Joséphine chooses to bottle “authenticity” and offers transparency in our ingredients with the simple use of organic essential oils & 100% minerals. Experience haute naturals™ that take bold liberties with creativity and attitude. This is natural beauty gone rogue.

But it wasn't enough to have these gorgeous, effective cosmetics and skincare, they needed to be natural and organic, high quality, products that wouldn't harm our health as we transformed ourselves in to our most glamorous versions. Both their cosmetics and skincare range are comprised of the finest minerals, 100% organic, sustainably harvested, wildcrafted, vegan. Absolutely no mineral oils, animal products, artificial dyes, FD&C colors, talc, parabens, propylene, butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEG's, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicons, pesticides, fragrance or carcinogens. Whew,  well I feel good about it, don't you?

Over the next few weeks I'll be going more in-depth on these gorgeous products. Not only admiring their sleek exterior, but talking about how they actually work on the skin, how they apply and the longevity of the products. I'll also do a few tutorials with the looks, which can vary from day-to-night or natural-to-glam, so stay tuned for those, too!

Already a fan of Joséphine Cosmetics? I'm thrilled to offer an exclusive 15% discount with code SPARKLES, one time per customer (expiring 12/31/15). Great for any last minute gifts (even for yourself). Not sure? You may want to wait until I show you how gorgeous these products really are.

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