Tuesday, December 29, 2015


As we continue exploring the gorgeous Josephine Cosmetics line, we come to my favorite part - makeup!

It's a simple range, yet exquisite. There aren't an overwhelming amount of products, but those available have concentrated pigments and thoughtful formulations. Simply, this makeup really performs, which is key. All of them impressed me, but there were definitely two stars for me - the Eye Radiance Quad and the Graphic Eyeliner. Not to take away from the other products, because as I said, they are beautiful, but I fell head over heels for these eye products. Here's why...

The Eye Radiance Quad (pictured in Aubrey) is a mix of colors I normally wouldn't use, but that I absolutely should. You can use the two lightest as an all over wash, you can use the bronzy peach color as the perfect transition shade, the purple and navy make the most stunning cut crease you can imagine, not to mention a navy smokey eye - AMEN. And all with excellent blendability and payoff. Every time I've worn these shadows I've felt they got prettier as the day went on, maybe mixing with my own oils and intensifying, but they certainly did not crease, fade, smudge or budge and the options within this one palette are endless.

I'm an absolute sucker for liquid eyeliner in a pen because I think the precision is much easier to control. I used another brand before going green that I didn't think I would ever be able to top as far as the pen tip, pen shape, staying power of the formula and dry time... but this one surpasses even that brand. The Graphic Eyeliner pen itself is thin which makes it easy to hold and direct, the tip is flexible but not wobbly - you can get so precise with it that error just doesn't even factor in. It's sharp, it's bold and it's absolute perfection.

This Contouring Duo (pictured in Max) is more on the subtle side. As far as my contouring goes, I tend to be a little more dramatic (so I would likely go with Toni next time), however the lighter shade is excellent for setting concealer and brightening the under eye or any other area on your face. The darker shade, while not as dark as I like my contour, is great for warming up your face overall, without the fear of streaks or intensity. The duo is also the most gorgeous natural eye shadow combo. I love washing the lighter color on my lid, followed with the darker color blended out through my crease. Its gorgeous topped with a sharp cat eye liner or with minimal liner for a natural look.

If you aren't on the Matte Lipstick train, you should hop on board! Now, I know some matte lipsticks have a bad rap because they aren't exactly hydrating, but the right ones balance the fine line of leaving the perfect suede finish, while not leaving you begging for moisture. This one hits the nail on the head. While not glossy or slippery, it's not cakey or gunky. One swipe is all you need for long lasting, kiss proof and and max pigment. Not to mention you aren't eating toxins!

Georgette (pictured above) and Kennedy (pictured below) are from the Mega Matte collection.

If you want to see some of the looks I've created with the Josephine products, please follow along on Instagram (@sparkles.spitup). And until December 31, save 15% on your entire order with the code SPARKLES. (The eyeliner, trust me.)

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