Monday, October 5, 2015

Zuii Certified Organic Makeup

As promised, another cosmetic line that I'm absolutely in love with: Zuii Organic. What I love about this line is their rich pigments and colorful range. That paired with their staying power, it's a really wonderful and carefully crafted flower based line. No animal testing, parabens, petrochemicals, talc or genetically modified ingredients.

Starting with a good primer is a must for flawless application, but most primers on the market are full of preservatives and silicons. This Zuii Organic Flora Foundation Primer is nourishing for your skin, not harmful. It's meant to hydrate and calm the skin before application with the help of Rose Water, Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Calendula. It also smooths over fine lines and wrinkles so products won't settle into them. I found this light, yet delightful and it definitely helped even out my skin tone for a nice, even base.

Zuii's Certified Organic Flora Sheerlips Lipstick may be my favorite from the line. Not only are the shades absolutely gorgeous, but the crushed flower pigments present the perfect sheer pop of color. It's also feels amazing on  your lips! It's extremely lightweight but moisturizing with the help of essential oils, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil and Aloe Vera.

Another incredible lip product from the range is Zuii's Certified Organic Flora Satin Lip Colour. This one fills the need for all of the liquid lipsticks on the market, without the harmful ingredients or parched, dry lips. Rich and creamy with a heavy dose of pigment, this will give you lasting color. It's not drying though, in fact, it's full of Camellia Seed Oil, Shea Butter & Vitamin E to keep lips nourished.

Zuii Organic Flora Satin Lip Color in Summer (but also gorgeous for fall!)

This Zuii Organic Quad Eyeshadow Palette in Fresh is just beyond gorgeous and a unique combination of warm and cool shades. Sadly the color didn't transfer onto my table, BUT it is much more pigmented on the skin. I think I've worn it almost every day this month. The cream color is a perfect eyeshadow base that has a bit of shimmer, the rosey color is a unique transition color and blends perfectly into the cocoa color which is a nice cool juxtaposition. I love to press the gold color into the center of my lids when I'm done for an added extra oopmh!

The one item in the natural realm I have the most trouble with is mascara, but that's not odd because when it came to chemical versions I was just as persnickety. The formula of the Zuii Organic Flora Maxi Lash Mascara is clean and I've heard some rave reviews from other bloggers, but for me I just couldn't get it to apply the way I'd hoped. It felt a little dry and flaky and left me with really skinny, less than maxi lashes. But I totally think mascara depends on your lash type and what you're going for. For me, it wasn't a fit, but I completely appreciate the design of the wand, packaging and think it would be great for a very natural look. 

Overall Zuii has an incredible amount of products in their line that are bold, pigmented and truly formulated with high performance in mind. The color payoff is always high and I know they'll have whatever shade I'm in the mood for.

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