Monday, October 26, 2015


As special and wonderful as this next product is, it goes without saying that so is May Lindstrom, the founder and creator of the brand by the same name. This intro is probably going to sound as if it were written by a lovestruck teenager, but it's hard to condense just what it is about May herself. It's rare. I've found that working with these small, artisan brands has connected me with some truly bright souls who just want to share a world of luxuriously created, yet beautiful products. She is one of them, but on the next level.

May is completely nurturing, thoughtful, transparent and passionate in anything she does, even a simple email. She drops small notes to her supporters and purchasers that are lifting and authentic and extend the mission of a less toxic industry, while also just being a kind, beautiful human being. And one thing is very obvious, it fully extends into the carefully created products in the line. If you've tried her items, you totally get me right now, and if you haven't, please do yourself a favor and read the series of May Lindstrom posts. I promise it's worth it and may change the life of your skin. I thought of doing an entire piece covering each of the items, but it would simply be too long because each of them fills a need and is full of such incredible ingredients, different from anything else on the market.

Let's start with my favorite: The Blue Cocoon

"So, what exactly would be in this small pot that would warrant a $160 price tag?" is what I've gotten from many, and my answer is "Magic. Simply Magic." I'm not being over zealous, I'm being completely honest. I certainly realize its an investment, but one that has lasted me months upon months with complete satisfaction. I wouldn't have believed it either until I opened the mystical little pot and first used it. 

It smells of something delightful from my past, a mint cocoa calming memory, but it's not just a feel good product (though it certainly feels dreamy). It's an everything balm. From dry patches to irritated skin, chapped lips to a gorgeous eye gloss, or as a daily treat for improving skin or night moisturizer. I've gotten into the habit of using it in the morning upon waking, it really gets me ready for my day far beyond the skin benefits.

The azure color is derived from Blue Tansy, which simultaneously eases emotional unrest while calming redness and inflammation, nourishing delicate skin. Combined with camellia seed oil, virgin marula oil, shea butter, myrrh, immortelle, frankincense and lavender - it also serves as a graceful anti-aging potion. This powerhouse of ingredients has kept my skin moisturized, buffered fine lines around my eyes and generally leaves me feeling at ease with baby smooth skin. I once used a fruit acid peel that was far more aggressive than I'd hoped, I quickly rushed to apply The Blue Cocoon and within seconds the heat dissipated, along with the unsightly redness. I've also used it on my son's burns and scrapes and husband's razor irritation, all with success.

It comes in a solid form that warms in your palm (or fingertips) to spread as an oil. A little goes a very long way, just a touch is all that's needed for the benefits, though I know how tempting it is to dump the entire thing on your face. Which is another thing to note, keep it in a cool stable environment. If too warm, it will liquefy, which can be a nightmare if you open and it spills. I've heard horror stories, I'm not exaggerating. 

It's a treasure to behold, a wonder balm by a wonderful person. You would not regret this purchase, and it's a wonderful treat for whatever you can think of to use it for. Thank you, May, for sharing your creative gifts with us so that we can have our own special rituals, even if just for a moment.

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