Thursday, October 8, 2015

Freshly To The Rescue

I mentioned last post that we just got off of 2 weeks traveling, so you know what that means - zero food in the house. Instead of rushing out to the store exhausted, which in my mind is equivalent to stabbing myself in the eye with a dull pencil, I set our little family up to have our Freshly order arrive when we did. Talk about a life saver (especially if you're the hangry type)!

What is Freshly?

An easy way to get perfectly portioned, high protein, nutrient dense, healthy meals. Freshly's gourmet chefs create ready made meals, delivered right to your door. I mean how awesome is that? And those lingering questions about ingredients? Don't worry, all items are nutritionist approved, doctor approved and made with the best, natural ingredients. Gluten, artificial sweeteners, added sugar and hormones need not apply.

 Meal plans are super flexible. You can order supplemental meals for your week, or full meal load for the month. Getting your health on track, losing weight, watching restrictions - you can cater to all of it. It works for us as a supplement so we can get the nutrition we crave when we are short on time, perfect when you've been busy or traveling. You don't have to sacrifice your health or eat junk just because you don't have time.

Menus get refreshed often too, which is nice if you're a reoccurring orderer. My absolute favorites are the fritattas and omlettes for breakfast, chock full of scrumptious veggies, and the Coconut Lime Salmon for lunch or dinner. You have to try those!

Any cons would be minimal, if at all. Of course to have it shipped to your home in tip-top condition, it has to be housed in a great big ol box with ice packs and a styrofoam cooler. It arrives perfectly, but the waste is a bit more than I care to see - but I totally get it. 

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