Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Targeted Skin Care: Odacite

One of my favorite brands since I started this quest has without a doubt been Odacite. And when I say favorite I mean the perfect blend of pure ingredients, efficacy, branding, formulations and results. It's definitely a brand I know I could choose any product from and be highly satisfied with.

My introduction to the line started with their Pure Elements Serum Concentrate (also known as Skin Boosters). The collection offers 18 ultra-targeted skin remedies - meaning the plant knowledge in each individual serum is powered specifically for the labeled skin concern using research, clinical studies and ancient medicinal literature. They're extremely concentrated and full of vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories to regenerate and detox skin.

Sounds intense right? Well it's supposed to be, but don't confuse intense for harsh, because that it's not.  These serums are 100% active and formulated for your skin compatibility for maximum absorption while nourishing with the purest, safest ingredients. Also, you don't have to use that much, just 2-3 drops per day, either pressed in to damp skin or mixed with your products. Each bottle should last you more than one month, or one cycle of skin cells.

I started with the Youthful Glow (Ac + R) Serum to boost radiance and keep an overall ageless appearance. Listen, I'm not against aging, but I also believe in preventative maintenance -  as well, after childbirth, I just felt a little lackluster. The Acai Berry, which is one of the highest antioxidant "super foods" in the world, is meant to improve texture and tackle fine lines and firmness. The Rose Oil further supports, helping repair broken capillaries while improving circulation. I add this to my daily moisturizer every day and have even added it to my foundation in the evening for major illumination. It's an aromatic vacation and it just gives that extra umph to my products, I've definitely noticed a glow and tone improvement.

Being so happy with the Youthful Glow, I went on to try the Hyperpigmentation (Pa + G) blend. Now, I've always had freckles, which I don't mind, but as I've gotten older and postpartum, I noticed some larger spots, a few age spots and masking on my face. The Papaya Seed Oil, rich in fruit enzymes, is to help fade brown spots and dissolve dead skin cells, revealing fresh and even toned skin. It's paired with Geranium Oil and Lemon Oil to further even out skin tone. I add this to my night products to allow my skin to rejuvenate overnight. I wake up and my face seems to have more clarity, a few of my brown spots have faded and I no longer have any masking. I also haven't noticed any new spots creeping in. This is all done gently and working with the skin, keeping it properly balanced, which not many spot treatments can say. I also love the scent and added wrinkle prevention.

And while we're here I have to RAVE about their Diving Rose & Neroli Balancing Toner Mist. It is heaven in a spray bottle. I haven't always liked Rose scents, and Neroli has given me a head ache in the past, but somehow the genius people at Odacite blended these with Aloe and some other fabulous ingredients for an amazing aromatic experience that just makes me happy. 

It's meant to balance the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores and revitalizing the complexion, which I'm sure it does - but I've been using it as my makeup setting spray, and WOW, it leaves your skin looking perfected and glowing. I think the reason this is so perfect to set is that Rose Water helps balance any excess oils in the skin, so you only have the good kind of glow and your makeup won't wonder off. At the same time, the Aloe keeps the skin protected from aggressors and moist so your makeup doesn't get sucked into any fine lines. And we've mentioned the pore minimization. Everyone should get this, it's a must have and my face stays in place for the entire day.

Odacite also has a plethora of other products that I'm excited to dive into. I've been so impressed with their concentrated formulas that I'm really eager and excited to see what else the line can do for my skin. If you have any plaguing or lingering skin concerns, I definitely encourage you to check out their chart and see what concentrate you can add to your current regimen to boost results. I'm so happy with what I've tried. 

Find your perfect Pure Element to boost your skincare.

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