Monday, September 21, 2015

Answer: Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths

Well that's enough to get your attention. So, what is the mistake? Simply choosing the wrong wipes. Did you know that most conventional makeup wipes are full of chemicals and oil stripping additives? Yikes. But we're also told not to sleep with our makeup on because products can clog pores, collect dirt and inflame skin. However, typical wipes are soaking in harmful chemicals that dissolve all of that in a quick manner, not to mention preservatives to prevent bacteria, leaving your skin begging for balance.

Juicy Bamboo is not aforementioned typical makeup "wipes". They're a natural cleansing cloth that not only removes makeup, but cleanses your face with oils. No mineral oil or harsh stripping ingredients, these cleansing clothes from Kaia Naturals are soaked in honey, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and 8 additional essential oils. This also mean instead of your skin absorbing toxins, it's absorbing vitamins - B12, C & E. Dry skin, acne prone, all skin types will benefit from the balancing, healing effect of these cloths.

So are they effective? Definitely. First, they smell like juicy fruit which is an experience in itself. Second, they get even my most stubborn makeup off. It's recommended on their site that if you're in full coverage makeup, that prior eye makeup remover might be helpful, but I honestly had no problem. And lastly, they're cruelty free, vegan and you could plant these 100% bamboo fibers in the soil and they'd completely disappear. 

Now you don't even have to sacrifice quickly cleansing your skin for harmful toxins invading your system. They also come in convenient travel packs to keep them (and you) fresh on the go. 

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