Monday, August 17, 2015

Kypris Beauty Elixir II Mini

Beauty Oils have been having a major moment for some time now, and it's not because they're trendy, it's because these concentrated potions have actually been around for ages and can work wonders on your face when you find the right one. I've featured quite a few on the blog over the years (and plan on doing a run down list by skin type shortly!) to help you find the ones right for your skin.


Putting oil on my skin will only clog pores, cause breakouts or create more shine.


Beauty Oils may be one of the BEST things you can do for your skin. Oil is naturally occurring in the skin and facial oils can actually improve skin conditions like acne by balancing and fighting inflammation. High concentrations of active ingredients are found in oils which provide antioxidants, vitamins and prevent free radical damage or often reverse sun damage. As we age, oil production slows, which is why facial oils can replenish what's lost and decrease the appearance of wrinkles and ages spots. And as for the shine? Oils are formulated to absorb into the skin, not sit on top of it - however, they are best used at night while your body and skin regenerate for maximum effect. Super dry skin (like me) can also add a drop to any moisturizer or product for added benefits.

Kypris is a brand known for its potent (and now portable) beauty oils and elixirs. From their phenomenal Antioxidant Dew to their raved about Moonlight Catalyst, the entire luxury line has completely impressed me. I'm not saying each one is perfect for my skin type, but from talking with others who use the line and my own experience I can vouch that it's not just organic, wild crafted and sustainably grown - it's gorgeous and high performing, which is what Sparkles & Spit Up is all about.

Featured today is the new MINI Kypris Beauty Elixir II. It's always been available in the larger size, but mini bottles are great for those on the go or who want to try out a smaller amount before handing over hard earned money (well spent here, I promise!) They also now have samples you can order on their site with any purchase, and I highly recommend that as well.

Beauty Elixir II is called the Healing Bouquet because of it's undoubted flower power. I normally like something a little heavier in feel to quench my often super dry skin, but somehow this lighter formulation is perfect for the summer months. It's ideal for normal to combination skin, but definitely don't underestimate it's ability to hydrate. CoQ10, Vitamin C, Phytonutrients, Fatty Acids and many other natural actives from the extracts help balance your skin, promote turnover and collagen production while imparting radiance. Skin is soothed and supple.

GOOD FOR: Normal, Combination or Oily skin types. Warmer weather, humidity and travel, both with it's smaller size and ability to combat fussy skin (ie. dry airplane air, changing climates or too much sun). This would also be a good option for pregnant or post partum skin that is reacting hormonally.

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