Monday, August 31, 2015

Essentials by Rosie Jane

Staying with the theme of nontoxic cosmetics, today I present to you a multipurpose product that is so fun and whimsical, while remaining chic and subtle. May I present Essentials Lip & Cheek Gloss by Rosie Jane.

I first saw these little gems when The Zoe Report covered their 20 Natural Beauty Brands you should know. I had no idea celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnston had created her own line (aptly called By Rosie Jane) and it's free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and phosphates, while also being cruelty free. I was even further drawn in because I'm having a major cream blush moment and these were considered a "cheek gloss", so it seemed like something I just had to check out. 

Perfectly packaged these gorgeous little boxes contain a small jar of wonder. Their portability make them perfect for travel, throwing in your purse or keeping in your gym bag to work double duty on your cheeks and lips.

While the hues may be vivid in the pot, they provide the most gorgeous, sheer wash of color to your cheeks and lips. They also come with shine! On the lips it's a perfect, moisturizing gloss, but it's the cheeks that get the wow factor. The glossing effect gives you the most healthy glow. Simply apply in a circular motion with your ring finger ever so gently and you'll see just how stunning it is. You won't need a highlighter after these, in fact, if you don't want to use them all over your apples, you can simply pat them on your cheek bones for a radiance boost.

L-R: Rose, Poppy, Marigold

You can see just how subtle the colors are on this stark white paper. All of them are very complimentary to many skin tones and across many seasons. I think my favorite might be Poppy (middle), it's a gorgeous cool tone plum that gives me the perfectly flushed color I'm always looking for in a blush. And speaking of blush, if it's too much of a "glow" for you, you can set it with a similar toned blush to keep it in place and down play the glossing effect. If you don't want to add intensity, use a translucent powder.

Adore, adore, adore. I've been using them at least 2x a week and can't wait to throw them in my bag for upcoming travel. No more worrying about palettes and busted blushes!

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  1. The photos of this product are fantastic and the review is glowing! I'm going to have to try them now! Thanks for sharing!