Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ere Perez Cosmetics

Over my 3 years of blogging about nontoxic baby, beauty and body products, I've definitely noticed a shift in the industry. As of late there are more options on the market that cater to varying skin types and price levels. I'm actually in a bit of awe over the incredible, handcrafted, quality items from passionate creators that are available right now. 

One area, however, that I feel has been slower to pick up on quality is cosmetics. For years I've used brands that are full of toxins, preservatives, and otherwise terrible ingredients none the wiser. Not only on myself, but as a working makeup artist, on others. Now that I know better, I definitely have tried to phase out my personal makeup and my kit. Its an arduous task because I've collected these items over the years, it's expensive and well, up until this year I just haven't really found high performing makeup that isn't toxic. Either the payoff wasn't good, the formulation was off, the longevity was non existent and it seemed to be overpriced. Now, I know better ingredients warrant a higher price tag, but it also has to work. Period.

So, I'm going to start introducing you to brands I believe hit all the marks. Brands that have nailed pigment, formulation and other image standards like packaging and branding. The options are emerging and as we learn more about what we're putting on and in our bodies, we are now able to make informed decisions that benefit our health, and not risking it for the sake of beauty.

Ere Perez Cosmetics

As you can see with the crisp white packaging, the delicate logo and soft rounded edges that Ere Perez and company put a lot of thought in to this line. That's before we even get to the actual products. 

If there's one thing I've struggled most to find in this transition (besides a facial moisturizer with SPF, which I did find) it's mascara. I have always had 2 or 3 formulas on hand for different needs: day, volume, occasion, and it's been hard to fill those with nontoxic versions. This one from Ere Perez definitely fits the perfect day bill for me. The item that launched the whole line, this mascara is light, lengthening yet glossy. While not "waterproof", it's certainly smudge-proof. Comprised of almond oil, it also strengthens lashes and fosters growth, while also preventing unnecessary fall out by conditioning with Vitamin E. I also didn't experience any irritation, which has been a problem for me with natural mascaras. I'm so happy with this on a daily basis that I'm excited to go on and try their Volumising Waterproof Mascara.

First, let's tackle this brush. It might be, and this is a HUGE statement, the best powder brush I've ever owned. Ergonomically comfortable in the hand, light and with bristles like butter, it's also cruelty-free. It works great as a powder brush, but I've been using it as an overall bronzing brush and it's sublime with such even, blended application. Everyone should own this brush.

I'm always in for a stunning coral, peach shade, but this one differs in that it has a little more depth which helps it transition into fall, fall is my favorite! It also contains natural shimmery minerals that add a dusting of lit-within glow. The formulation is finely milled, so it's super blendable. Pigment wise, a little goes a long way so you aren't left packing it on and your skin shines through (and it can breath, promoting healthier skin). This has replaced quite a few of my old toxic colors because you can use one side, the other, or mix. They nailed it with this one.

Upon first inspection I thought, "I don't really need another red lipstick, do I?" But oh, it's not just a red lipstick, it's actually not a lipstick at all - it's a Lipbar! Rich and radiant in the stick, it transfers as a glossy hint of color, more like a balm, chock full of amazing ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E and SPF 15. It's like a spa experience for your lips every time you use it! The shade is a cool tone red, but comes across very sheer. You can pull off one swipe for a touch of color or layer for a little more drama. I'm totally obsessed and plan on buying the additional colors. I'm also thrilled that it's edible, not that I plan on snacking on the LipBar, but you know, its safe if ingested. 

All in all I am intrigued with this line and can't wait to try and share more of their items with you, this one has definitely satisfied my standards!

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