Monday, July 6, 2015

Why Protein: Golden Ratio Review

Along the same lines as supplements, I feel like I can never find the right protein powder that works for my body. Being a vegetarian, many formulations don't work due to ingredients, and if they do it feels like a brick landing in my stomach or gives me horrible bloat. Neither are exactly desirable. I also like it to be multipurpose, as a meal replacement in the mornings when I'm on the go, or after good workout to rebuild.

Why Protein?

Protein is used by your body to build and repair tissues while also making enzymes, hormones and other bodily chemicals. It's extremely important in the building of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and even blood. Without proper protein amounts, our bodies wouldn't be able to support the structures of cells, tissues, organs and functions of the heart, muscles, growth and healing. So in other words, living.

Taking protein after a workout helps muscles recover from any micro tears created by intense contractions, fostering growth and also preventing injury. Protein shakes are preferred because they take less time to digest and break down than solid foods, sending it directly to the muscles.

Golden Ratio Single Serve Packet in Vanilla Bliss and Shaker, so portable!

How Much Do I Need?

As all things in life, there is no one size fits all model, and many sources confirm there is such a thing as too much. But this graduated method will help you find what's best for your body, and then you can take into account your dietary habits and if you are gathering enough from foods or need to supplement.

  • Sedentary = Weight (lbs) X .4
  • Active = Weight (lbs) X .6
  • Athlete = Weight (lbs) X .75
  • Figure Competitor = Weight (lbs) X .85

Golden Ratio

I've tried SO many powders and have absolutely fallen in love with Golden Ratio, not only because I know anything Bizzie Gold puts her heart in will be quality and amazing, but because it truly works for my body. It just makes me feel good. It's also the only coconut sweetened protein powder on the market with 30 grams of (pea) protein, pre/post digestive enzymes and collagen to help support joints, intestinal health - and yes, our beautiful skin. It keeps you full, regulates blood sugar and the best part, I think, is the digestive health.

Bizzie often promotes her 7 day Wake + Shake methodology in which to drink a shake upon waking in the morning. This kick starts your system and flushes out the toxins and cleans your gut with the enzymes and hydrolized collagen. If you only read one thing in this entire article, read this: your stomach may be flatter than you've seen it, maybe ever. I don't know what magic fairy dust this is, but I can drink one shake and have a flat stomach the next day, so when I do a weeks worth, any bloat, indigestion and stomach unrest is completely gone. And while I'm not focusing on the look of a flat stomach, the feeling of no digestive issues or puffiness is amazing.

Golden Ratio is also grain free and dairy free with no artificial sweeteners, so perfectly suitable for those that are vegetarian, vegan and with gluten sensitivities. I know, I haven't found anything out there like it! 

So how does it taste? I'm going to give it a 7 out of 10. Protein powders always taste a little funky to me, as they should, they are not milkshakes. However, I find that if I let this mellow for about 3-5 minutes after mizing, the flavors meld and it's even yummier. It's designed to mix with plain ol water, and it does really well, or for an added treat I like to mix with unsweetened cashew milk. If you follow their instagram (@goldenrationutrition), there are also some fancy, decadent recipes to be found to spice it up a little.

Golden Ratio's Protein Bars are also equally as awesome. I like them for a mid-day snack or pick me up and always keep one in my purse. They're also grain and dairy free with no artificial sweeteners (not even stevia). The ingredients are organic almond butter, pea protein (13g), organic clover honey, dark chocolate chips, organic cocoa, organic vanilla extract and sea salt. Simple and delicious as that. 

BTW, who is Bizzie Gold?

She is the celebrity trainer and creator of  female-empowering Buti Yoga. If you've never heard of or done Buti Yoga, search it right now! It is hands down the most effective and butt kicking workout I've ever done. I've yet to master an entire session, and that's what I love, it challenges and works me to my core every time. It's also great post-partum because it focuses on activating and controlling every section of the abdomen, so recreating that stability that's often lost during pregnancy.

Bizzie is also an inspiring mother, devoted grain and dairy free expert (she has Lupus and swears by this holisitc approach) and has created a self-help program to break free from emotional addiction and self-sabotage. She's truly fascinating!


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