Friday, July 10, 2015

Those Rosé Vibes: A Yes Way Rosé + TenOverTen Collaboration

My confessed love for a good Rosé and my obsessed love for nail polish basically mean this collaboration was a match made in a pink hued heaven. Presenting Rosé Vibes, a genius pairing by TenOverTen and Yes Way Rosé.

Rosé is the quintessential warm weather wine. Light, free-spirited yet not lacking in flavor. My favorite is a Provençal style, with very little time skin-on (lighter in color), but working in a region notorious for it's Pinot Noir, I can get down with the darker hued libations as well. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure there have been too many rosés I haven't liked. And let's not get into sparkling rosé (hello, Caraccioli Cellars!) That's probably why founders Erica and Nikki created Yes Way Rosé, to honor the culture that fuels sun brightened, soiree filled summers. (And lets be clear, it's perfectly fine 365).

So they partnered with TenOverTen, a NYC brand touting the most authentically hip, 5 Free, cruelty free polishes - just as a gorgeous mani should be paired with rosé sippin'. It's effortless, it's chic and its a great play on a neutral.

The color is a peach influenced pink with hints of blush and just the right amount of pastel to make it pop against any skin tone. The formulation is thick, has great coverage and dries quickly. New summer favorite, you've been found.

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