Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HUM Nutrition

Supplements tend to be one of those things that I get really gung-ho about and then never even finish a full bottle. Maybe it's because I don't really like taking pills, but I never truly feel a difference in my health, energy or otherwise. Probably because I don't stick with it! Regardless, I couldn't imagine that HUM Nutrition was any different, other than their highly attractive packaging, targeted concepts, and diverse options. I also enjoyed that you can take a survey of overall health and have a nutritionist offer recommendations - but I still didn't think I'd see much of an impact.

Instead of buying multiple items at once, because then I wouldn't know which was working, I took a streamlined approach, and added one in at a time and gave it proper time to take effect. This is novel for me!

Runway Ready

I started with the Runway Ready, which is a mix of Red Carpet and Killer Nails. I spent my high school and college years with acrylic nails (I know, I know), so my nails have never quite recovered from the abuse. Flimsy, flaky and never strong. As well, since child birth my skin has been dry, lackluster and a little deflated. I took the daily packs for 10 days before assessing progress and was delightfully pleased. I have no idea why this doesn't have higher reviews on Sephora, because I would give it 5 stars. I felt my skin was a little more hydrated, plump, bright and my nails were growing at an incredibly fast pace and I could hardly bend them. I'm not sure if I saw much of a difference in my hair, that might take a longer trial. 

All of this is powered by GLA, ALA and Vitamin E from bio-available nutrients like black currant and sunflower seeds. Essential Fats promote glowing skin and biotin fosters cell growth. Red Carpet (the white pill) is Vegetarian and Killer Nails (the red pills) are vegan. There are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs, artificial ingredients or gluten. Major props to the daily packs which are perfectly portable, making it easy to remember.

Base Control

Up until this point I'd still been taking Honest Prenatals, but I was on my last few and decided to switch over to Base Control for no other reason than just switching it up. It's a standard daily vitamin with 22 essential nutrients and iron in a vegetarian tablet. This item is simple and great for filling in the gaps. I can't say that it made any noticeable effect in my life, but I'm not expecting it to, it's just picking up what I lack. Notably, it didn't serve up any adverse effects and are much easier to swallow than my previous brand.

Uber Energy

I'm the mother of a toddler with a full time job and a full time blog, yes I am tired. But I don't like jitters or shakes or anything that comes with energy boosting products because then I get anxiety. It's a nice little dysfunctional circle. But I do want to feel better, more full of energy and zest so I thought I'd give this a try. Designed to support the adrenal glands by staving off fatigue and improving productivity, B6, L-Tyrosine and some fancy concoction of herbs help keep energy levels consistent. 

I have always been sensitive to B vitamins in that they make me irritable if I have even a touch too much. That was the case for me with the recommended 2 pill dosage. If you aren't sensitive, take the 2 - I had absolutely no jitters, highs/lows or noticeable effects other than I could tell I was a touch bitchy. I just know myself that way. But man, was I focused. I was able to knock out some serious work and come home and cook and clean without feeling completely wiped out. I now take one pill on days I feel I need a boost and have the same positive benefits, while being my kinder self.

Beauty zzZz

Sometimes I go through phases of not being able to fall asleep, it's rare, but it happens. More often than not I fall asleep hard and wake up at 4AM with a brain full of ideas and to-dos. But I just try meditating and it usually helps me. However, my husband's sleep schedule is just off the charts being a firefighter. I don't know if he's ever fully asleep for fear of missing a call, so he has relied on Melatonin to get himself to sleep during his months off for knee surgery. These were more for him. I've taken a few and I'm convinced no brand of melatonin works for me, but he says compared to what he normall takes they're perfectly fine. Nothing fancy, nothing intense and he likes that they're vegetarian 

Big Chill

I mentioned above that I can get serious with some anxiety at times, and it's absolutely no fun, but I've had it my whole life and know when it's more stress related and when it's something more. Big Chill is by no means a substitute for actual medical advice or medication if you suffer from moderate to severe anxiety, but I find it nice during times of high stress or fast pace events and work demands. I can't say it's a huge relief or highly noticeable difference, but there is something about taking this regularly that allows me to brush things off instead of stop me in my tracks.  

The single ingredient is Rhodiola rosea root which works to stabilize stress levels and help you adapt to physical and environmental strains. I like this because it just helps me keep a clear head.

Overall I think the principles behind HUM Nutrition are well founded, backed by science, and fairly simple to understand. The formulations don't have any suspect ingredients and for the most part they are all either vegetarian or vegan. There are a few other items I look forward to trying like the Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me. They also carry calcium supplements, probiotics, omega fatty acids, and vitamin D supplements. I never feel burners and diet related items are necessary, but they have those too. As far as actually adding to my daily intake of nutrients, I like where they're going and the performance of what I've tried. 

Use the code: F8286 for $10 off your first order. 

And remember to start with one thing, then move to two, etc. or you'll never know what's working for you.


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