Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sun Protection Knowledge & Free Deluxe Sample

Summer is in full swing which means really taking care of our skin with longer days and added sun exposure. Grabbing a sunny dose Vitamin D isn't a bad thing in itself, however, sun burns and prolonged exposure lead to premature aging and even skin cancer. I've done many articles on my favorite sunscreens in the past, but I always feel the need to throw out a reminder on the importance of protecting our skin. In an effort for us to all be informed, I wanted to share the helpful image below on what avoid and look for when considering sun protection.

Beautycounter's Protect All Over SPF 30 has been on so many must-have lists this year (herehere and here for example) for it's quality ingredients and safety for the whole family. I personally really enjoy it, especially for my arms and chest on days where they are exposed. Right now (June 24-28) all Beautycounter purchases of $45 or more get a FREE deluxe sample of Protect All Over SPF 30 sunscreen while supplies last - this is a great chance to try it for yourself. 

Some other highly recommended sunscreens that will leave you with no question:

*So you've probably heard to avoid spray-on sunscreens, and this is true to an extent. Currently the FDA is investigating whether nano particles are harmful, particularly if inhaled. Spray sunscreens are much easier to apply, however it is suggested to spray on your hand and then apply to skin, especially around children. 

Another step in the right direction, choose ones that are non-nano, like all of the above mentioned. To be honest, you couldn't spray them on evenly if you tried. They come out in a white, liquidy mess - so you need to use your hands anyway - even better. We just they apply more evenly. Your judgement call.

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