Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Something Special: Noer Organics

All of the products I write about are fantastic, otherwise I wouldn't write about them. Or recommend them. But every once and a while a line comes along that has an added extra something special that just draws me in on a different level. Be it the craftsmanship, or the back story, or just the pure luxury of the items, something stands out. This is one of those lines.

Every aspect of Noer Organics Atelier is intentional, thoughtful. Plants are respected for their energetic life force and harvested sustainably from their wild habitat. Products are infused until they're ready in precious gemstone filled jars of Rhodonite, Rose Quartz and Jade. And finally when the products are ready to be experienced they are filled in Mirion Violet flamed glass to preserve these luxuries from external elements. The quality is unmatched, the ingredients are safe, the principles are beautiful, inside out.

The Cleansing Balm

I honestly feel like I've cheated myself over the last 32 years by not using this product sooner. Somewhere between the decadence of the balm melting into my skin, the antioxidants reviving my complexion and the lifting of the days makeup and impurities from my face, I fall into a sacred ritual that I will never be able to do without. The thick formula is gentle, soothing and extremely effective.

I started using this in the mornings to start my day with a cleansing massage - which will certainly set a calming tone, but one night after a days worth of makeup and sunscreen I needed the moisture and decided to see if it could tackle the layers. It did without hesitation. The cleansing cloth that accompanies it feels like cashmere when paired with comforting warm water, it gets your face so clean and so soft, it's just beautiful. I could go on for pages. I've noticed such a difference just from using this one product in the texture, clarity and radiance of my skin.

Clean Embrace Polishing Powder

When I think of the word polished, I conjure up images of refinement - which is exactly what this product is and does. Finely milled particles of rice bran, various clays, brown sugar, charcoal, cinnamon, oats, rose petals, and an entire list of the most sought after botanicals in the world smooth your skin, gently exfoliate and cleanse so deeply that you feel transformed. The scent is sensual, earthy, deep and leaves your spirit lifted. Yes, a face product can do all that. It's transformative.

The Masquerade Purifying Mask

There will be no reason to hide behind anything after using this revitalizing mask. Pores will be cleansed, impurities will be drawn, complexions will be clear and radiance will be front and center - and this is from experience, it's divine. Nutrient and mineral based, this mask is pumped with over 40 nourishing and purifying ingredients to leave you feeling renewed, the best version of yourself.

The Nourishment Facial Elixir

This highly potent beautifying oil does more than nourish skin, it hydrates, strengthens, softens and optimizes healing and protection on a cellular level. I know it all sounds wonderful, but it actually does work wonders. Used alone as a nighttime ritual or added into your daily moisturizer, it illuminates my skin with such even tone and healthy glow.


I cannot say enough about this line, it's intoxicating. Maybe that sounds silly considering it's skin care, but as I said above, there is just something about this line in its entirety that is extremely special. Another special aspect is that Noer Organics will customize products for its customers given any restrictions or special needs, all with as much care as their traditional line receives. I cannot wait to place my full size order for Cleansing Balm this coming week and witness what they come out with next.

The Masquerade Purifying Mask
My son always says, "Mama, you dirty?" Yes dear, but it's the best way to get clean!

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