Friday, June 5, 2015

Mighty Shopping with Mighty Nest

I think we've covered the bases on how I love to shop. And finding the right place to shop is just as important to me, choosing a company with strong standards to support. In my search for eco or green items I scour a lot of sites with the same items, most of which are run by really incredible people, but one that has stood out to me is MightyNest.

MightyNest is a fantastic web store and resource that offers research, advice and a plethora of natural, organic and non-toxic products in a one stop shop. It was created by a Mother who realized (much like we all do) upon having children that the impact of what we purchase is much greater than we originally thought. Don't expect to find any BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Parabens or flame retardants here - and all with an effort to empower consumers about the choices we make. Amen!

An even more feel-good portion of the experience: You can choose a local school of choice to receive a percentage of your purchases - I love this! Even though my child's school isn't eligible, building a strong community of children is absolutely important, so I feel great that even just a small portion of what I spend is kicked back. Thanks, MightyNest!

So you might be wondering what I buy from a place like MightyNest... that list could be long, but for starters I love to stock up on our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE NUMBER ONE SIPPY CUP the Pura Kiki Stainless bottle and its rockstar Silicone Straw spout. I'll always support Pura, I think they're an excellent brand, but when I can also give back - you bet. Or one of our FAVORITE NATURAL SUNSCREENS from Goddess Garden. Again, a brand we really love to buy and doing so while also supporting MightyNest and local schools - total WIN.

But seriously you can get kitchen items, lunch gear, glasses, cups, containers of all sorts. And then there's linens, diapering items, clothing, beauty/baby/body products. Gifts, garden, cleaning... I told you, one stop shop. Definitely pop over next time you're looking for something, they have it all, except the chemicals!

*Absolutely not PR or promotional by MightyNest in any way, I just genuinely love their Mission and supporting like minded families and think it's a great resource!

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