Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fantastic Father's Day Gift Guide

Celebrating Father's Day is always fun for me, except it's not because I never know what to get either my Dad or my husband. I know it's not all about gifts, but it's nice to have a token of appreciation! My Dad is the "I don't need a thing" type and my husband is the "I want to buy my own things" type. Which leaves me somewhere in between wanting to buy someone something! So I chose a few products that would work for my Dad, my husband, your husband, your brother, your best friend and hopefully one of these will work for at least someone, because I think they're pretty fantastic picks!

The New Dad Dictionary

This is perfect for the new father! Whether it be your significant other, brother or best friend, it tackles the tough topics no one really tells dads about like cradle cap and meconium. It also introduces them to cluster feedings and engorgement, so they have better understanding about the breast feeding process, and other changes to expect from Mommy (and baby) during this time. This extensive list is playful yet informative with real-life explanations of those crazy new-baby terms.

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Set

It might not replace Dad's need for coffee, but it will ease razor burn and make for smoother, softer skin. These products are high in antioxidants, reduce redness and irritation (thanks to caffeine being a natural vasoconstrictor), and soothe skin for a healthy complexion. The caffeine is naturally derived from coffee plants and there are no synthetic fragrances, parabens, animal products or animal testing!

Yeti Hopper 20

Whether going on a grand camping expedition, meeting the guys for a round of golf or to the neighbors for a rousing game of corn hole, your dude can be dapper while carrying his silver bullets - 12 of them to be exact. Not to mention this thing is seriously sturdy. It's puncture resistant, leak proof and resists mildew, all while keeping your drinks cold for days with it's fanciful insulation system, including the zipper. It's an investment, yes, but apparently it lives up to it's name.

Cathy's Concept Craft Beer Growler

You know what else he can haul in that Yeti? His very own craft beer growler. With microbreweries popping up all around, this personalized growler is perfect for transporting your favorite beer. Custom etched with the initial of your choice with a secure screw-on cap, carries a gallon of brew in vintage style. (Also comes in half-gallon size).

Fit Bit Surge

This thing does it all - besides actually working out for you! Calories burned, steps, heart rate, floors climed, active minutes, sleep patterns, GPS, music, alarms - it's so impressive what you can learn. If you have a fit father, or even someone wanting to be more in tune with their health, this is an amazing gift. It truly tells you all you need to know and is a great way to say "I believe in you!" or "Go get 'em Dad!"

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