Thursday, May 21, 2015

Transport with Osmia Organics

My favorite way to discover new brands is on Instagram. I find the most delightful, small batch items through searching hashtags and my other favorite beauty bloggers - so when I saw photos of Osmia Organics' gorgeous soaps I knew I had to see what they were all about.

Osmia refers to sense of smell, and every product Osmia makes has extreme attention to the olfactory detail and aromatherapy benefits. It a larger "sense", it's about taking note of the small things often linked to the five senses, the taste of your coffee, the softness of your child's hand. Founded after leaving a profession in emergency medicine, the line is full of the kind of passion you stumble upon when you truly open your heart to what makes you happy - and as cheesy as this may sound, you can see it in each of their products.

Osmia offers beautiful soaps for the face and body, luxurious body oils, facial lotions and serums... here are a few of my favorites.

Rose Clay Facial Soap

Outside of this being one of the most gorgeously crafted soaps I've ever seen, you can smell how authentic and natural the ingredients are without even opening the box. Australian pink clay, white kaolin clay and essential oils of geranium and palma rose are combined to hydrate and heal delicate, dry or mature skin types. I found that it was extremely gentle, lathered beautifully with the help of coconut milk, yet left my skin very clean and fresh without over drying. I initially thought to use this first thing in the morning to get my routine started with a fresh face, but it actually cleans makeup off very well at the end of the day. (It also does a wonderful job lending fragrance to my bathroom, it's truly delightful).

Facial Restoration Serum

Perfect for dry, mature, sensitive or newly postpartum skin, this gorgeous oil is full of safflower, jojoba, kukui, pomegranate, amaranth, borage and sea buckthorn. A little goes a long way to truly nourish your skin, even though my skin drinks it up and I tend to apply it twice - it's just so good. I felt it immediately helped heal my constant dry patches, soothe any irritation and hydrate overnight as my skin repaired. A week of use and I could see a difference in my moisture level and radiance.

Sunset Body Oil

Wow. When I opened this little bottle I was immediately obsessed, I wanted to bathe in this intoxicating, warm, yet earthy and comforting scent. It's unlike anything I've used before. With organic vanilla, jasmine, bergamot and spice of coriander - it's just so unique and stunning. The oil itself is best massaged into damp skin after a bath/shower and leaves you so soft and silky. You will gently radiate the scent all day, and prepare people to stop you in the store, at work, etc and ask what you're wearing. It serves as a moisturizer, fragrance and all around people attractor.

Sample slices of Osmia's gorgeous soaps, each is effective, transportive and moisturizing with added benefits specific to their ingredients. Green - Lavender Mint, Orange - Zucca Spice.

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