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Top Non-Toxic Beauty Routine Swaps

As a sworn product junkie, I know just how hard it can be to find a good thing and then give it up. And by good thing we're referring to a tried and true product that works. However, the ugly truth about the beauty industry is that there are ingredients and fragrances lurking in our favorite items that lead to cancer, hormone disruption, infertility and other undesirable effects. No, it's not your fault. We've been told we need to use these toxic ingredients to look better, younger, firmer, more radiant.... without hardly any government regulation or testing on what we're using to get those results. No more.

I used to subscribe to the "ignorance is bliss" mantra, but once I actually looked into what was in my beloved products, I just couldn't knowingly put those items on and in my body. I'm by no means saying I'm perfect, I still have a few items I need to move on from, but the biggest step is educating yourself on what these ingredients do once absorbed into your system, and making an effort to avoid them.

How do you do that? Well, I've used my years of splurging on every product from high to low, good to bad, to help you still get the results you desire without the toxins or chemicals. See below some of my favorite swaps towards a more natural (and safe) beauty lifestyle. Trust me, each of these work for most skin types without sacrificing a thing.
Clinique's best selling facial lotion still contains Petroleum and a few preservatives, known to cause mild irritation and a low carcinogen (cancer) possibility. Also, it's made from crude oil... a non-renewable resource.

Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion is comprised of 100% natural ingredients, 95% being botanical (from plants). Other items include beeswax and hyaluronic acid.
Bobbi Brown's eye cream is still chock full of concerning preservatives. Ones that mimic estrogen and can disrupt the endocrine system. Some studies show that breast tumors show a buildup of methylparabens in breast tissue.

Beautycounters Countertime Vibrant Eye Perfector hydrates the under eye, depuffs and decreases fine lines with the power of Marine Extracts. No parabens, no preservatives. EWG Skin Deep Scale of 1 - which is as good as it gets (aside from a 0). 

Fresh may seem like a more "natural" brand, but don't let that Soy title fool you. Two versions seem to be on the market, one with major Parabens which are toxic to reproduction, hormones and carcinogenic. Both with Polymethyl Methacrylate. Say what? Synthetic polymer fillers.

Be Natural Organics offers a safe option, all with natural ingredients you know and an pronounce. Cleanses, hydrates and protects skin.

Kate Somerville's cult favorite exfoliator isn't all that terrible, but it does still include some questionable surfactants, irritable pH balancers and preservatives - BHT, which is a possible organ system toxin.

Acure's Brightening Facial Scrub has a very similar texture to Kate's, finely removing dead cells and revealing glowing skin and stimulating anti-aging properties - all without toxins. (And you can find it at Target).
Serums are known for their intensive treatment ability with concentrated amounts of targeted ingredients. Unfortunately Algenist has concentrated amounts of "fragrance", which allows a company to put any chemical ingredient under the term. It also has Phenoxyethanol, a preservative with potential neurotoxin possibility, which can depress the central nervous system causing vomiting and diarrhea. 

Manuka Secrets Serum uses the power of Manuka Honey to intensively treat and hydrate skin with extra added ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Calendula, CoQ 10 and Lavender. (Psst - this stuff is truly transformative!)

Similar to serum, with added radiance benefits, Beauty Oils tend to be a booster for your skin care routine. However, Estee Lauder seems to have boosted up the synthetic ingredients and "fragrance" properties in this oil.

Goldfaden MD's Fleuressence is also a light, quick absorbing oil that boosts hydration, tone and radiance with 100% pure active botanicals, fruit extracts and natural oils with vitamins, nutrients and omega fatty acids to boost cell revitalization.

A good night cream is worth it's weight in gold, but not one like Dior's which is a tad bit elusive. You can hardly find an ingredient list anywhere, which is concerning in itself (luckily I found a blogger review). It's pristine reviews are speckled with ingredients like Aluminum, Carrageenan, Phenoxyethanol and "Fragrance". Yuck.

Safeas' Argan Regeneration Night Cream does just that - regenerate, and under strict EU standards. Chock full of  rich ingredients like Argan, Avocado and sweet Almond oils, as well as shea butter to refine, relax and smooth skin overnight.

Severely dry skin is uncomfortable and so is the fact that ThirstyMud uses heavy fragrance, especially Coumarin, a highly irritable scent chemical and possible carcinogen. 

Tata Harper's Moisturizing Mask provides intensive hydration to parched or mature skin, suitable for all skin types, using Beetroot Extract and Avocado Peptides. (Also at Sephora, ask for a sample!)
Sun exposure can be a good thing when protected, but not when slathered in at least 10 "fragrance" components, preservatives and chemical sunblock sources.

Beautycounter's Protect All Over Sunscreen is suitable for face and body, as well as the whole family, and relies on non-nano Zinc Oxide as their sun blocker component.


Though I am not a professional, I do an extensive amount of research on products and have personally used each product swap above. Relying on sites like EWG Skin Deep, Think Dirty and CosDNA help sort out which components are harmful. If you have any questions or want alternative swap solutions, I am happy to help. 

I'll get a makeup swap up shortly, in the mean time here's a handy image to refer to (and share)!


If a company doesn't openly disclose ingredients on the main product page (or through Sephora, etc), be skeptical. Also if a company refuses to disclose their "secret formula" after inquiry, find an alternative.

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