Thursday, May 7, 2015

My wish for Mothers on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there! Present or past, near or far, biological or adopted, of this world or passed on - being a Mom represents the greatest joy I've ever known and I share that with you and salute you.

I feel infinitely grateful to be the mother of my child each second of each day. It can be a bit all encompassing at times, the amount of emotion that can fill up each corner of my heart. It often feels like it will burst, overflowing with amounts of love I never knew capable. Or break into a thousand sharp, jutting, stabbing pieces at the thought of my child being treated unfairly, being hurt or other families experiencing loss. Its always one extreme or another, I never quite feel "just right" since becoming a Mom, but it is still the best thing in the world, albeit a little crazy. I'm learning to embrace it.

I never started this blog to stand above or stand out, but rather to share. Share in an experience that is so enveloping. It just so happens I also have an affinity for material things, beautiful things, sparkly things - I love to tell people about what works, so hopefully it will work for them or they'll love it as much as I do, but I know none of it really matters. All that matters to me is being the best version of myself and presenting a world of kindness and love to my child, so that he knows how to move forward through life with those same assets. Hopefully.

I also know that no matter how well intended my advice or product recommendations are, they are my own. No one in this world can tell you the best choices for your child, your life or your family like you. Not now, not ever. Do I want you to make more natural choices? Of course, because it's what I believe is the better route, but I hope you never feel like you have to do what anyone says, and if it's working for you, that's perfect. As a mother we are just innately the best givers and decision makers for our children, I hope you know that.

More than anything this Mother's Day I feel a sense of unity with you all. It's a right of passage, a glorious, worrisome, gorgeous, sometimes gut-wrenchingly painful thing to become, and the best thing I've ever become. It's helped me drop my pretenses, accept my faults, work to be better at them and become comfortable in my own skin. It's helped me treat others as I would want them to treat my child, empathetically, compassionately. I feel more beautiful than ever even though I probably look way worse for wear, but I think in becoming this other version of myself all of the nonsense falls away - and I look at all other Moms from the same view. We all face this spectrum of emotions, mixed with life circumstances and do the best we can with what we've got. It's an accomplishment, daily.

So trust me when I wish you a Happy Mother's Day, I mean it deep within, because it's my true belief that the sacrifice, late nights, endless pots of coffee, wiped away tears, giggles, tickles and laughter, "one more" bedtime stories, sick baby cuddles, countless glasses of wine, heart breaking fights, proud Mommy moments and unconditional love that make the world go around.

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