Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hair Care Affair with ACURE

If you've been here before you know I adore ACURE. You also know that I adore that most of it's now available at Target (as well as Whole Foods & Pharmaca) for easy access. But did you know how much I adore their hair care line? Of course that was a loaded question :)

Having long, fine hair I was immediately drawn to the Pure Mint Shampoo for normal to fine hair. And it certainly doesn't disappoint. It's minty, waking up your scalp and strands while cleansing away build up. This is great for building volume without stripping. Quinoa protein supports keratin, Babassu oil adds moisture and the Echinacea Stem Cells promote regeneration at the root level. Upon drying my hair it was fuller and uplifted, and it stays clean for days, so it must do its part to regulate oil as well. Love.

I don't normally go for conditioners that target dry or damaged hair. I'm sure it's actually what I need, but it tends to weigh my hair down. Not this. This makes your hair so moisturized, so silky and yet somehow light? I don't know how, magic? Probably more like Argan Oil, Argan Stem Cells, CoQ10 and Sea Buckthorn Oil - which are all powerhouses in the moisture department, but none too heavy. Super silky, super shiny. Seriously, try this one. (Available at Target).

Each line also has the coordinating shampoo/conditioner and there's also a Lemongrass Argan Stem Cell line great for clarifying and daily care.

So I love a good dry shampoo, mostly because washing my hair is soooo time consuming, but also because I love the added oomph it gives me. This version is made of great natural ingredients like non-GMO Organic Corn Starch, White Clay, Oat Flour and essential oils, all helping absorb excess oil and product and adding a little volume and texture. The smell is super pleasant, not overpowering. Now, I used this dry shampoo before when it had different packaging and this bottle takes a little getting used to.  It may take some practice in which a full glob can hit your scalp. If this happens to you, just rub with your finger to disperse, but once you get the feel of the bottle it will distribute evenly and easily - promise. 

Whether skipping conditioning in the shower, adding extra conditioner (which I doubt you would need with aforementioned conditioner ), seeking detangling assistance or hydrating your locks after a day of sun soaking or water play - this is your thing! Powered by Moroccan Argan Oil it protects the hair, strengthens the root and adds body and shine to each individual hair. Won't weigh even the finest hair down and smells so, so lovely and fresh.

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