Wednesday, May 13, 2015

bdellium tools Bambu (Vegan) Brushes

I've used a lot of makeup in my lifetime. Both on myself and on others, I bet I've done over 100 weddings since I moved to California. So when it comes to makeup brushes I feel fairly confident in my ability to recommend. I've used MAC, Crown, Sigma, Morphe, Jane Iredale... all of which have great styles, but the more I've gotten into my eco-glam lifestyle, the more I'm really adamant about using a vegan brush.

You can search on end about the pros and cons of synthetic brushes, but to drill it down (aside from saving our furry friends) any cream or liquid based product like foundation, concealer, gel eyeliner, lipstick, cream blush or eyeshadow applies better via synthetic. The fibers don't absorb the product, rather they stick together pushing the product out. Synthetic brushes also provide a smoother finish and tend to be more precise, being that they don't have rogue wild or coarse hairs.

Now that leaves powdered products, who makeup artists used to defer to natural hair brushes. However, with the eco movement really impacting the cosmetic industry, companies have really moved forward in the development of their synthetic fibers. They have been made with more texture so they pickup the product more and blend out beautifully.

I came across bdellium tools in my quest for a quality vegan brush. I had seen their Bambu line in across a few YouTube channels, so I decided to enter their product review program and see what it was all about. Their Bambu collection is an eco-friendly line made of sustainable bamboo handles and vegan synthetic fibers. All of the ferrules (metal casing) are aluminum and of course, being vegan, it's 100% cruelty free.

I first started with face brushes (I'll venture into eye brushes in a later post).

 (L-R) 956 Slanted Precision Kabuki, 962 Slanted Blusher, 944 Tapered Contour

956 Slanted Precision Kabuki

Though she be small, she be mighty. This Kabuki is a little smaller in diameter than most of my Kabukis I use for foundation, so it took a little getting used to. However, it's immensely soft and applies tinted moisturizer, foundation and definitely concealer like a dream. The slanted edge makes sure all of the angles of your face are covered. I noticed a big difference on coverage around the nose and under the eyes. I use dramatic sweeping motions with light pressure to blend.

962 Slanted Blusher

Most of my blushes and bronzers are powder products, so I was delighted that this Slanted Blusher picked up and packed on the same amount as my older non-synthetic favorites. The synthetic bristles, while very soft - softer than I'm used to, held onto the product and distributed evenly. It's a tad more narrow than some other slanted brushes, but I have a feeling it will spread out with regular use and cleaning. Perfect for not only blushing the apples of your cheeks, but contouring cheek bones and around the forehead.

944 Tapered Contour

Aptly titled, this brush is for contouring work, and I tend to use it for highlighting. Rolling it gently in my desired highlighter and sweeping it under my eye or tapping it on my cheek bones is effortless. It very well could be used for contouring (darker colors), but I found the Slanted Blusher worked better for the shape of my cheek bones.

Overall I'm impressed with this line of vegan brushes. Like any change, it takes some getting used to, so the softer texture is something I will adapt to and that may very well change with numerous washes. However, technicalities aside, my makeup application was blended and beautiful. I'm excited to review the Bambu eye brushes I've selected - I'm so particular about my eye makeup, so if these babies are as good on eyes as they are on face, I may have a totally new Bambu collection to buy!

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