Sunday, April 19, 2015

Go Deutsch: SAFEAS Organic Beauty

I'm very particular about the products I review, I inspect effectiveness, existing reviews, ingredients, sourcing and company ethics. Some combination of those factors needs to satisfy my filter for introducing you to quality, high performing products that are safer alternatives to many on the market - my mission. I have a point, and it's that I maybe say "yes" to one out of every 20 items sent my way.

This was one I was so glad I said "yes" to.

Unless you're versed in the German beauty market, you've probably never heard of SAFEAS Organic Beauty. I sure hadn't. But upon inspecting their philosophy, ingredients and products - I was really intrigued. Not only did I feel comfortable with most anything from the European Union (as they have much higher ingredient and safety standards), but the thought of powerful holistics sounded ideal. SAFEAS develops and overseas all of the manufacturing in their own facility - great for quality control, and they use the highest possible percentage of organic and fairly traded ingredients. All fragrances are from precious ingredients like nutrients, flowers and oils and they process those quickly and carefully to avoid losing their valuable actives. I could go on and on, but you can read through all of their principles on the site - needless to say it passed in my book. So I purused through the products to see what I might like to try, and here's what I found, a dynamic duo.

The Argan Regeneration system day and night cream is a meant just for that, regenerating dry, dull, mature or troubled skin - or retaining and improving the youthfulness and tone of normal skin. Perfect for post partum dryness. The scent derived from the essentials in each of these items is one of my absolute favorites. I have a hard time pinpointing it exactly, but its earthy, warm and comforting - yet clean.

Argan Regeneration Day Cream

Intensive, yet not too heavy, this cream absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated all day long thanks to the Rose Hip and Cotton Thistle. I find myself craving to apply it, it feels so good and that's quite the change because I have a hard time with most day creams, either being too light to last or too heavy to then apply makeup - just like Goldilocks, this one is just right.

Argan Regeneration Night Cream

Like the superhero version of the day cream, the night cream is one of the top products I've ever used. That's saying a lot. The Argan, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oils combine with Shea Butter to replenish skin while renewing cells and refining texture. It feels divine as you apply and soaks in quickly for as rich as it is. You'll wake up feeling super fresh in the morning and I can attribute softening of lines and pigment to the cream.

After continued use of both as my regular skincare routine, I feel like my skin overall looks much more radiant and healthy, just like the best version of my skin no matter what I've been putting it through. I'll definitely be trying more from this Argan line like their cleansing milk and serum, and also have some items to share from the Fig HydroActive line in the near future. They also have a Lemon Purifying line and Olive Sensitive line for different skin types, as well as mint cooling gel for tired feet and legs, body oils and other creams. Stay tuned, this is a fantastic brand I'm definitely enjoying exploring.

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