Thursday, March 26, 2015

On-the-go? Go Macro!

Convenience is a huge part of my life. I am always on the go or doing about 1000 different things or chasing a small human who's doing just as many. Sometimes this can lead to neglecting myself, especially in the nutrition department. But I made a pact with myself about a year ago that I would no longer let my health and wellness suffer because I chose to go at such a fast pace. Basically, I needed to plan in advance or purchase items that were wholesome, filling and great on the go - without sacrificing things that were important to me like ingredient quality and being sustainably sourced.

One of my favorite items I've discovered are GoMacro Bars. Based on the principle of a macrobiotic diet (a regimen that uses grains as staple foods supplemented with local fruits and vegetables and avoids highly processed or refined ingredients or animal products) these bars fit my nutritional lifestyle to a T. They are vegan, gluten free, completely natural and do their part giving back to the community - oh yes, and they are delicious and filling.

There are a variety of flavors from Balanced Goodness (granola and coconut) to Prolonged Power (almond butter and banana), the later being a high protein formula. I love the mixture of both high protein and regular because I can utilize them throughout my day based on my needs. If I need a snack I might just grab a Sunny Uplift (cherries and berries), but if I've just had a huge workout, I have the option to grab a more protein laden bar like Protein Paradise (cashew and caramel) to help rebuild lost nutrients and foster muscle development.

If I'm being completely honest, I didn't find a flavor I didn't like. They all strike a similar consistency that is chewy, naturally sweet and as I said above, filling. Sometimes I can't even finish the whole bar. Calorie wise they aren't low (250-300 range), but being that I use them as replacements and part of my daily intake, I have no problem with this and find them just the right amount to keep me fueled. They do have minis if you're looking for more snack type material or for kids. If you're watching your sugars these bars can add up, but they aren't processed sugars, they are sugars derived naturally from the fruit in the bars and chocolate if you choose a bar with such. Speaking of chocolate, it's actually sweet, yummy, pure chocolate, fairly traded. Proteins are derived from brown rice and peas. I did mention above Gluten Free, some do have oats, but of the GF variety so you're all good there.

You can grab these right on their website (I suggest a variety pack) or sign up for monthly auto ships if you can't stand to be without. Otherwise you can use their store locator to find a retailer near you. I know our Whole Foods and Pharmaca carries them, so you may have luck there!

*I was sent a box of samples to begin with, but I don't get anything if you purchase from them or subscribe to regular shipments, this is simply one busy Mother to another saying these bars are ta great fit for our family and you will not regret adding them to your on-the-go lifestyle.

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