Monday, March 16, 2015

Hooray for Glossier!

Sometimes a line comes along that's so effortlessly cool that I just have to have it - which was the case with Glossier (Gloss-E-Yay). Created by Emily Weiss, the founder of mega successful Into The Gloss, the entire brand is focused on loving yourself, playing up what you have, not covering it.

With a knowledge base that seems infinite when it comes to products, Emily took her favorite aspects and made a brand that is liberating, inspiring, down-to-earth yet really coveted.  I really admire that she wanted to focus on the foundation - the skin, on embracing our natural selves and nourishing it's base (which is where it starts). And then Glossier fit these products into packaging that screamed TRY ME, SHARE ME, TAKE ME, LOVE ME. Sorry for the all caps, but seriously. Oh, and items are NOT animal tested.

Here are my must haves from the line.

All items mentioned can be bought as the Phase I Kit or seperately, they come in the most awesome pink bubble zip bags ideal for travel and with AMAZING stickers so you can customize your packaging. Trust me, it's fun.

Soothing Face Mist

This. THIS. There are hundreds of face mists on the market but this one strikes the right balance of hydrating and transporting the senses with it's intoxicating rose scent. It's fresh, doesn't smell fake (like some rose sprays), doesn't burn your eyes and leaves a nice dose of moisture without over doing it or leaving you shiny or greasy. It's perfect when you wake up, after cleansing as a toner, midday when you need a pick-me-up, and I've also completely replaced my MAC Fix+ with this and use it as my makeup setting spray. Paraben free. Alcohol free.

Balm Dotcom

The name pretty much says it all. Whatever you need it for, it's there. It was my lifesaver a few weeks back when I had a sinus infection and had blown my nose raw. It's also great for cuticles, chapped lips, rough patches or anywhere you would use a salve (think Aquaphor but way more amazing). It's universal in it's uses and it works wonders. It's not goopy, it's not sticky, you just smooth it between your fingers and go. I even used it all over my face for two days after a really strong enzyme peel and it protected my precious new skin without making me feel like I was suffocating. It's now earned a spot in my purse and I'm getting another one for home/diaper bag. Paraben free. Fragrance Free.

Perfecting Skin Tint

I don't even know how to start with this one... I'm accustom to fuller coverage tints for skin, so when I saw the viscosity of this Skin Tint I thought "no way will this do anything for me," but somehow, some way, this very liquidy, very sheer product makes my skin look like absolute heaven. It's certainly not a foundation, or even tinted moisturizer, but it's just the lightest touch of perfecting juice that gives an even, healthy, glowing appearance yet you don't feel like you have anything on. Breathable, buildable, blendable, beautiful. I love this for days running errands or when I want to look pretty but not overly polished. I'm sort of becoming obsessed with this blurring, barely there magic. (For reference I mix light and medium). Paraben free. Alcohol free. Fragrance free.

Skin Tint in Light and Medium, then slightly blended.

They do have a Priming Moisturizer that I tried, I found it really light yet super moisturizing. I enjoyed that it wasn't overpowering with thickness or scent and it really is a pretty perfect primer for the Skin Tint. While miles better than most, there were a few ingredients (Tridecyl Trimellitate, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7) that I'm not crazy about and wish weren't in it. Hopefully they can find some alternatives and swap them out, while still offering a great base.

HOWEVER, overall, I'm pretty jazzed about this line and look forward to trying their newly launched masks!

"Mama's stickers?" - I honestly had to keep these for myself.


  1. Hi! i was wondering which shade you are in MAC cosmetics? I'm nc20 and i feel like my shade falls smack dab in the middle of light and medium. I think that mixing medium and light might just work for me.

  2. I'm not much of a cosmetics person myself. But if you know someone interested in eyelash extension training that's my area of expertise. ;)