Monday, February 16, 2015

Let's Get Intimate

Don't let the title scare you, we're not talking NSFW stuff - there will be no blushing - but we are talking about life "down there", especially after baby. Now, my experience comes from vaginal birth, but many of the common concerns we're addressing do stem from hormone and emotional changes so it can apply across the board, even for menopause. 

It's a big deal, whether or not you've ever been pregnant, it's just something we all want to be. But especially after the birthing process when you feel like things may never be the same (get used to it, they won't). Whether you're body is trying to reclaim it's balance, doctors checkups, waxing appointments, after a workout or prior to getting intimate with your partner - sometimes you just need to freshen up. However, most of the products on the market are laden with chemicals and artificial fragrance and things that should never be put near our most delicate parts. 

Which is exactly why BOX Naturals was created. I honestly cannot recommend these enough! Not only do I adore the tongue-in-cheek name, but the whole idea behind the brand. Created by a fellow Mom in search of natural wipes, these individually wrapped, totally portable wipes are paraben, dye, petrochemical, sulfate and synthetic fragrance free. Any touch of scent comes from pure essential oils. And when I say a touch, I mean it, it's very light yet just enough. And don't think this is just a feminine hygiene item - after many requests the creator made sure that these wipe could be used for removing makeup, cleaning hands, wiping yoga mats, cleaning dirty paws and wiping precious bottoms. I also enjoy the packaging. They are feminine but don't scream, "Hey, guess what I am?" Case in point, they are gentle, non-irritating and multifunctional - a tiny sheet of perfection.

Dryness down below is one of the most common complaints after having a baby and throughout the menopause process. The causes can range from physical issues such as hormone changes to psychological issues such as anxiety (check, check). While an extremely common concern, finding a natural solution is not so common. Even highly recognized brands advertise "natural" lubricants, yet their ingredient list disagrees. 

This is why I was so happy to find Yes Yes Yes (again with the great names!). They've gone beyond creating a lubricant and really researched the hydration of sensitive tissue. Even if not for intimacy purposes, sometimes it's just a matter of discomfort, and they've created two formulations to target your personal concerns. 

Their website is very informative and can help you decide whether the Water based lubricant or Oil based lubricant is right for you. Regardless of which you choose, these products are created with care and purity in mind. Paraben, glycol, silicon, glycerin, GSE and mineral oil free. There's also a few different style applicators as well as travel packets. I encourage you to visit the site to learn more.

See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Just two concerns addressed and two products I've found to work beautifully. Naturally. 

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