Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Boost ANY workout with Aura Cacia Yoga Mists

Putting in at least 3 good workouts a week is crucial to me feeling my best both physically and mentally - but it doesn't mean those workouts come easy to me. More often than not I have to drag myself to the gym, but thankfully I try and choose workouts that give me maximum impact and that I enjoy. And then I supplement the rest with good headphones, great music and a little help from the essential oils found in these Aura Cacia Yoga Mists. 

Though labeled "Yoga Mists" these essential oil sprays are perfect for anything from the most intense to the most relaxing practices. Each one is aromatic with 100% pure essential oils, cruelty free and paraben/petroleum/preservative/alcohol and emulsifier free.  

So how do you use them? They can be used as a body spray, a room spray or on your mat. Depending on what exercise I'm about to partake in, I use accordingly. For yoga I almost always spray on my mat, for intense workouts I use on the body and for personal practice I spritz around the room. See each one for more detail. (Obviously if you're in a group class you'd want to respect other attendees by not spritzing around the room - but it does make a great gift to instructors and I've had them spritz around after intense spurts).

I love the Motivating Mist for intense, hard core workouts. You know, that feeling where you could probably puke, your heart may explode and you'll never catch your breath? A good spritz of this over your neck, chest or pulse points keeps you focused on finishing with lively citrus oils and the peppermint helps open airways and sooth an overworked body. 

Purifying Mist is great for more grounding, meditative practices and it fosters a sense of clarity and awareness. It's great for morning routines to help awaken your senses, clear out your lungs, and focus your mind as you start the day.

Awakening Mist is ideal for any workout. It has both uplifting and calming properties to help keep your body balanced as you exert any amount of effort. I personally like to keep this in my gym bag as a body spray to use on those occasions where I don't get to shower. It's clean and lightly fragrant, not overpowering and I feel fresh and ready to face whatever is next.


As I mentioned these are great gifts for your favorite instructor, fitness enthusiast, gal pal or even Mamas-to-be as support during the birthing process. I've also used it in our office in times of stress or in need of creativity!

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