Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sippy Cup Showdown

I don't know if there are many more things in life that frustrate me more than terrible sippy cups. And I don't know why there isn't an obvious solution - make a sippy cup that doesn't leak, is easy to clean and can take a beating. 

Like most parents, we have a designated graveyard drawer of ones we've purchased that don't work. Actually, I'm throwing them away right after I'm done here. Keeping the very few styles that actually work for us - and even those aren't perfect, but some come close. 

So in attempts to help you save money and time and throwing them across your kitchen (by you, not your toddler), here are a few that we can get along with. They may be more expensive initially, but have proven to last longer than the kind I typically pickup at the store.

1) Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy

I find this one to be one of my favorites, maybe because it's cute, and that's not really a qualifying factor here. Anyway, this sippy is plastic-free, so no BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates or petroleum by products. The stainless makes for easy cleaning and staves off odor and bacteria (because you can't tell me you've never found a sippy from who-knows-when rolling around your car). Food grade silicone sippy spout that is pretty sturdy, even for teethers, and if you by chance find it being damaged, they sell replacement spouts which is amazing - you don't have to replace the whole bottle. Bonus, different wide neck nipples and spouts are interchangeable, even from different brands, so this has growing potential. Also comes in smaller sizes. Inside there are measuring markers for those who need it, and it comes with a travel cap that we lost along time ago, I'm sure it was wonderful. They also make little grippy sleeves for the container, if it's too sleek for little hands. I find leaking to be directly correlated to how well I've inserted the spout and put the lid on, imagine that. 

2) Zoli Baby D LITE

This little bottle is so grown up, but great for little ones. May be a touch heavy for tiny drinkers. The stainless does a great job regulating and keeping the temperature of your child's drink and keeping any bacteria at bay. Super tough, takes a beating, leak proof when latch is closed (but it's getting your child to close it...). Easily drinkable for starters. BPA, phthalate and lead free with a food grade silicon straw.

3) Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp

Nalgene has always been a trusted brand for us on our hikes, so why not for our little one. This one is super durable if you have a rough-and-tumble type (it's guaranteed for life, and they back that up) and a good cup to grow with your child. I'd say it's a bit tricky at first teaching your child how the drink comes out, but once they get it, it's good to go - this also aids in keeping the liquid in when tipped over since you have to part the opening. The top also has threads or grips to help minimize leaks and spills. BPA free and resistant to high impact, odors and stains.
*I also like the Camelbak versions similar, but they aren't recommended for children under 3.

4) Foogo by Thermos Titan Straw Bottle

Easy to clean, durable and pretty leak proof. I found the pop top easier for my son than other version where you twist to get the straw access. They make these in clear or stainless and the tops are all interchangeable, even ones with spouts, which is nice to just grab and go. BPA Free.

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