Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NEW! Derma Rolling with AWE Cosmeceuticals

If someone had told me a few years ago that hundreds of tiny needles repeatedly to the face was the path to younger looking, more radiant skin - I would have laughed at them. And then I had a baby and I laugh at anything that used to seem painful - so, here I am to rave about just such a thing.

Now, derma rollers (or microneedling) aren't necessarily a new thing, but with the emergence of better rollers on the market, it's becoming a more accessible, affordable tool that can be used in your home. And unlike laser treatments, it's much less invasive with no down time - yet yields similar results.

So what is it?
I'm using the AWE Cosmeceuticals Derma Roller. AWE is a natural Australian brand I trust for high performing Ayurvedic skin care, so I knew their tools would be just as high quality. This medical grade roller is laden with 0.3mm needles, so teeny tiny. 

Being that it is a medical device, it comes sealed in a sanitary pack. 
This is a personal use tool, so sharing is not recommended. 
Clean after each use (I use 70% alcohol).

How does it work?
The Derma Roller's needles penetrate the top layer of the skin (epidermis), this alerts your skin to regenerate tissue, collagen and elastin - which are the creators of plump, supple skin. As the epidermal surface heals, it's renewed and allows for greater absorption of products which increases their effectiveness. 

So what are the benefits?
Along with greater product penetration and increased performance from those (retinols, vitamin c serums, etc), the benefits include greater cellular turnover, fading of scars and uneven skin tone, plumper skin and treatment of fine lines. Other larger versions have also proven beneficial in hair restoration, stretch mark fading and cellulite reduction.

Does it hurt?
Meh. I'm not going to say it's pleasant, but it's certainly manageable. The first two directional passes aren't bad, but your skin gets a little tender on the 3rd and 4th. Higher plained areas like cheek bones and the bridge of your nose are a little more uncomfortable. Expect some redness and a slight burning sensation (like a scraped knee) that heightens for an hour or two after using. It's nothing you can't handle.

Prepare for redness - but don't worry, it dissipates after a few hours. 
I do it before bed so I have overnight to renew. 

My Take
I expected this to be a long trial, that I'd need to wait months on end to talk about it - but to my surprise I noticed a difference after the first use. The next day my boss even mentioned that my skin was looking really good lately. I'll take it.

So the first time I used it, I followed directions going over my entire face 4 times (each a different direction). I immediately followed with AWE Cosmeceuticals codayati Renewal System (a pure, encapsulated retinol lotion). The next morning I noticed that my skin was overall more plump, that the definition of my fine lines seemed raised and there was absolutely no irritation. I was happy with that.

I used it again 7 days later, same directions, but this time I was feeling bold and used straight Retin A afterwards. Let me just say, this is not for the faint of heart! It didn't bother me right away, but I woke up feeling like my face was a thin piece of stretched tissue paper, if I smiled, it would be over! I liken it to a bad sunburn, sans redness. This was certainly because the Derma Roller had allowed the Retin A to penetrate much deeper, which while uncomfortable at first, really proved that the Derma Roller works! Of course with retinol products my skin began to turnover, flake off and appeared much more even, luminous and smooth. 

I've used it for 4 weeks now, 1-2x per week rotating either the AWE codayati Renewal System or the nirvaata Calming Serum (the Retin A route was a little intense). I suggest using a targeted product, but you can also use your regular eye and night cream. Each time my fine lines are just a little less noticeable and overall my skin looks plumper. My pigmentation is slightly fading, which could be from the roller or retinol products, but one thing is for sure, the roller certainly helps them penetrate much deeper. 

I feel as though I might be slightly addicted to this new routine because the results are real and I love that I don't have to use toxic products to achieve them.

*Speaking of the Calming Serum, I think this is a wise purchase in addition to the Derma Roller. This creamy gel imparts such a soothing, calming sensation to cool freshly needled skin. It's packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and D3 which I now crave after each skin treatment.

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