Thursday, January 29, 2015

Major love for BUGGYLOVE

The origin of my blog title came about when I realized that my perfectly shiny, manicured life had now been transformed into a disheveld mess all with the arrival of one precious human being. I'd gladly take the trade off, but I really don't think I was prepared for the amount of pure filth that a child brings. It's endless, and it only gets bigger as they do, which is why I am so glad I found BUGGYLOVE. 2 of my biggest cleaning mysteries have been solved!

BUGGYLOVE is an awesome company by my standards. You can read their mission page to see more detail, but the fact that they refused to put "natural" on their label or push out a message of being "green" simply because it's been misused and taken advantage of companies that weren't so, says a lot. It's sort of like my belief that when you are good at something, you don't have to tell people - they live it, they don't have to sell it. Their ingredients aren't just "organic", they are organic. They take consideration when it comes to fair trade, social justice, vegetarians and vegans, biodynamic and permaculture practices, ethical wildcrafting and sustainable and ethical methodologies. Whew is right. It's just who they are. They will never use potentially carcinogenic preservatives, parabens or sulfates - period, yet their products will perform. And that they do.

Organic Stroller & Carseat Freshening Mist

Pictured with tampico fiber brush which is great for swiping off loose crumbs or crust prior to spraying!

So let's talk about the grossness that can come from a stroller or carseat. Crumbs, crust, foreign objects, suspicious stains and that SMELL. I don't know how cute, tiny humans can create such, but they do. And for what we're paying for these carseats and strollers, we sure don't want to them going to waste. Which is why this product is a life (nose) saver. Brush crumbs and large/loose items from the apparatus with a microfiber cloth or the amazing tampico fiber brush, shake well and go to town. I hold it a nice distance as not to get saturated spots, but close enough to feel like the mist fully engulfs this thing. Upon drying the funky odors are not masked, they are neutralized and have disappeared. The fragrance is a light floral scent - naturally derived. It isn't over powering, it's completely pleasing and to me -  the scent of sweet relief. Parents of the world, you need this.

Organic No-Wash Stain Remover

Speaking of those suspicious stains, they'll creep up anywhere. Carseats, sofas, carpets, clothes, your purse, your husbands shoes, baby's clothes and almost certainly on anything you hold dear. Thanks goodness for this organic, concentrated solution (which works on most fabrics, maybe skip the delicates) for lifting the stains. I never felt the need to do a patch test, being that the ingredients aren't harsh. Again, just shake well and drop a generous amount on to the area. You can rub the entire soiled area evenly with a cloth (use some elbow grease), but I almost always just go straight to the tampico fiber brush because it's like a match made in heaven. I've used this solution on plenty of things, much that I didn't know what they were or how they got there, but all with great success. And then of course the typical berry stains, chocolate almond milk on white carpet aaaaaand poop stains (sorry)! I've yet to find a non-chemical stain remover that works, much less one that works like this - it's a 
multitasker and I don't even have to think twice about using it, thank you BUGGYLOVE.

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