Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kari Gran: The Ultimate Lip Whip

It's typically this time of year when it's most dry and considerably cold that lip balms and hydrators are my best friend. Always by my side, always applying. Over my lifetime I've used SO many lip products and now that I know what I know, I look back in mild disgust. Anything that goes on your lips, you're essentially eating, so making sure I'm "eating" the right things is now something of top importance. 

Kari Gran agrees. She created her line of elegant, clean beauty products after discovering she had an autoimmune disorder and delving deeper into what she was putting on her body, that was going into her body. She wanted to offer a simple alternative with nourishing natural ingredients. I love that her goal isn't to turn back the clock or "fix" her customers, but give them ecofriendly items to incorporate into their ritual promoting the health of their skin, encouraging them to live beautifully.

It may seem like you can get a lip treatment anywhere, and technically you can, but not like this. Kari Gran's Lip Whip is absolute perfection. Ideal when you need to treat dry, chapped lips but not overly intense so it can (and should) be used every day (multiple times a day) and even on top of your favorite lipstick. This formula is comprised of pure oils like sunflower, castor seed, olive and calendula creating an incredibly soothing, smooth, hydrating whipped product that imparts a glossy finish and lasts for hours - all in a sleek, petite pot.

I adore the Tinted because it gives a barely there amount of pinky pop, but you can also get it in a natural Naked or in Radiant/Naughty/Nice which have bursts of gorgeous color - more like the most moisturizing lipstick you've ever tried. Oh, and the fun part - you can select your flavor of Peppermint or Cinnamon-Pimenta Berry. I went with the later and it is so subtle yet comforting.

Since arrival only two weeks ago, I've used the Lip Whip every single day and am a true believer in it's natural ability to heal, protect and perfect my pout, all while keeping me safe from toxic ingredients. You will love it. Your lips will love it. I look forward to trying her extended range of skincare and makeup items!

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