Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kahina Giving Beauty

My love of products pretty much goes without saying at this point. However, my quest continues to evolve the more I learn about the many options out there in the world. It's vast and I sincerely enjoy learning not only about the products, but how they came to life. I find myself drawn to the story just as much as the ingredients. It's becoming more than just selecting a good face cream, but a quality product that also represents a greater good. That satisfies me, to have found a high performing item that I can also believe in and support.

I'd seen these sleek black bottles gracing my Instagram for months. They seemed exclusive, by packaging alone I knew I had to try them. Little did I know that behind them was a mission to give back, to honor the tradition of the beauty ritual, as well as the sacred vow to never offer something harmful to it's user. Kahina Giving Beauty products are simple, sourced ethically from precious raw materials with consumers and environment in mind. I find it truly touching that their mission is to learn about beauty traditions from cultures around the world and connect women from all walks of life through the timeless practice of beauty. Isn't that exactly how it should be?

If that doesn't say enough about the Kahina Giving Beauty line, I can attest to the fact that every single item I tried completely impressed me. They were each effective while being gentle and demure - the entire line is luxurious, yet understated. Purely beautiful.

Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil

A few years ago I remember argan oils hitting the market... now, women in Morocco have used argan oil to support healthy skin for centuries due to their powerful antioxidants and fatty acids, but it was having a moment so I tried quite a few of them to see what the rave was about. I found some supple and some nourishing, but I never used a full bottle or purchased a second bottle of any of them. Admittedly when this sample came with my full size bottles I wasn't rushing to try it, assuming more of the same. I was so incredibly wrong (and as soon as it looked like it might run out I ordered a bottle). What seems different to me is Kahina's texture. This oil seems really clean and almost dry. It applies beautifully and absorbs extremely quick. Thats great for two reasons, no pillow residue and I can add it to my day moisturizer as well for an added boost without fear of my makeup melting off. After a week my skin just looked healthier, more even and I couldn't stop touching it. More, more, more!

Kahina Brightening Serum

I use this lightweight serum after cleansing in the morning, it's full of organic ingredients like white lily, wakame seaweed, green tea and pine to boost radiance and even skin tone, without being overly fragrant or intense. Upon first use I noticed a really pretty luminosity throughout the day, even under my makeup. My discolorations were visibly faded after about 2 weeks of use,and dramatically lighter after 4 weeks. Trust me when I say I have used plenty of lightening/brightening/whitening serums and creams and for me this one was the most effective without harsh ingredients. I had no reaction to using it, no sensitivity, no irritation - which was huge. Really hooked on this and I've adopted it into my normal skincare routine.

Kahina Facial Lotion

Finding a day moisturizer that I'm completely happy with has been such a task for me due to my frequent dry skin. I'm not overly dry to the point of flaking, but most of the time I err on the tight side, especially if I'm using a retinoid at the time. Any time I've ever chosen a day lotion for dry skin, it's just too much, too thick or doesn't absorb. This Facial Lotion is pretty much perfectly by my standards. It's a moderate consistency, not too thin, not fragrant and absorbs right away. Once it does, I don't feel I need a second application, which I face with other daily moisturizers. It has argan oil, shea butter and hyaluronic acid to really reset the moisture level of my skin while also protecting against the environment. It's straight forward and hydrating, it also makes makeup application a dream. I've also adopted this into my normal routine, it pairs beautifully with the Brightening Serum.

A daily duo that works wonders for my often dry skin with hyper pigmentation.

Kahina Body Serum

All of that amazing stuff I said about the Kahina Argan Oil.... applies here, plus some. I know I tend to neglect the skincare needs of my body, so using this serum was a huge treat. Argan oil and steam distilled essential oils pack a super surge of vitamin E into this product. I adore the scent, it's a little sensual, a little comforting and just a whole lot of lovely. First impression was it certainly restored moisture, my skin was dewy and looked much healthier, but after a month of continuous use (applying after baths or showers) I noticed many of my rough patches were completely gone and my skin tone was more even. Unlike some other body serums, this absorbs very quickly, so you aren't slipping and sliding all over the place or working magic to get your clothes on.
Needless to say I am very pleased with this line and I feel like it translates to so many diverse skin types and tones. If you're intrigued, I might suggest you grab a sample pack. It has just a little bit of everything, even things I haven't tried, for only $20. I'd say it's probably enough to get a feel for the incredible care and intention put into Kahina Giving Beauty products.

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