Monday, January 19, 2015


Imagine a line that embodies luxury through it's story, branding, ingredients, and packaging - truly beautiful from start to finish. And then imagine it's eco-concious, non-toxic and gives back with each purchase... sounds perfect, right? Well that's APPLE & BEARS.

A family owned British company, APPLE & BEARS was started with a conscious effort to create products safe for everyone, that didn't negatively impact our bodies or the world around us, and as a tribute to the brave men and women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer that inspires them to give back. 

5% of each purchase goes toward supporting Breast Cancer Care.

My first impression was refinement, a brand who clearly puts thought and effort into every step of their products. Thus far they offer their signature body washes and body silks comprised of nutrient rich, natural and organic ingredients that are paraben, SLS, phthalate and gluten free. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.

We tried the Pomegranate & Aloe Vera Luxury Gift Set. The body wash is rich, lathers well and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed, while also moisturized. The scent is bright and fruity while also being clean and elegant. Followed with the body silk, which is just that, silky. Thin in consistency but not in effect, the healing Aloe Vera is extremely hydrating without being heavy. Both contain Punic Acid which is known for it's anti aging properties. 

I love that these can be used by everyone in our family, even our son. Guests love them! It's rejuvenating and appropriate for even the most sensitive skin and not overly feminine so the men like it as well. The Luxury Set comes in the most stunning box, making it a perfect gift for new parents, birthday or housewarming presents or any occasion.

Their gorgeous gift boxes are made by a British company who have been crafting bespoke boxes since 1816.

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