Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Erbaviva: Luxury, Organic Skincare for Baby & Family

I just spent 5 mintues typing the intro to this product feature, only to erase it. I was having such a hard time describing the earthy, gentle nature of the brand, yet its seemingly luxe persona. What is a luxe skincare line anyway? The answer is, I don't exaclty know, but somehow Erbaviva Organic Skincare combines all the right components into being the most luxe, yet approachable, pure, gentle and beautiful lines I've ever used.

Like most of the lines I've been lucky enough to work with, Erbaviva was inspired by the quest for more, for better, for safer products for all of us. They immersed themselves in the task of finding the most effective organic skincare for babies, as well as premium pregnancy products and superior, wild-crafted bath and body collections for everyone. Sounds glorious doesn't it? Well it is. 

Among the baby lotions, shampoos, sniffles chest balms, organic cotton wash cloths - and the back rub oils and belly butters - all the way to the bath salts and shaping oils, the line is entirely comprehensive and perfectly designed for women as they blossom into motherhood and beyond. I honestly can't stop gushing, because as someone with product standards like mine, yet in search of items that are safe, high performing and beautifully crafted, this hits every single mark. Here are a few of my favorites!

Baby Oil

Can't. Get. Enough. I think this is just as much of an experience for me as it is for my son when we indulge in his post bath massages with this oil. The scent transports you to the most comforting, magical place and the consistency of the natural, organic oils is thick, yet absorbs quickly. It's nourishing for his delicate skin, hydrates deeply and also protects from the elements, including the winter winds and drying heaters as well as diaper rash. If you think you've tried baby oil, you have not my friends, not until you've tried this. 

Baby Soap

There's really not much to say about this lovely soap other than pure and simple.With milk, honey and nutrient-rich oils, this is a mild soap that is non-drying, calming and perfect for sensitive skin. It lathers up to a creamy consistency and rinses clean without at all stripping. Ideal for those first baths. (May also recieve rave reviews from your husband.)

Seriously, how cute is this soap?

Stretch Mark Cream

Being that I'm not currently pregnant, I used this as a cream for my existing stretch marks on my hips/bum. Gosh, I wish I'd had this in my growing years, and definitely while pregnant. Similar to the richness of the baby oil, this oil-infused cream is chock full of cocoa butter (my favorite!) and sea buckthorn and is intensely hydrating. This is going to help your beautiful skin stay elastic as it grows. I can also attest to it having helped even out my skin tone in existing areas, so the benefits don't stop after having baby.

Refreshing Foot Balm

As sandal season fades from my memory, this product is like a miracle to my over worn and not so pretty feet. Not only do the organic essential oils soothe and repair the damage I've done to my skin, but it relaxes any tension, aching and soreness I acquire through working out or wearing heels far too high. Can you imagine how wonderful it is for leg and ankle swelling? Comprised of ginger, cypress, grapefruit and lavender, it's formulated to comfort, relax, reduce water retention and stimulate circulation. Mamas-to-be, this has your name all over it.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I'd also like to mention they have some gorgeous gift sets for everyone in the family. Especially new mothers or mothers to be. Already wrapped with a bow, the recipient will feel pampered, cared for and can rely on the use of safe products for her and baby.

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