Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pure, Authentic Skincare: Holly Beth Organics

It's a scary world out there, product wise. You think you trust something and then you read the label. Often times I resort to making my own products for sake of knowing exactly what they are comprised of and what I'm putting on my body. So speaking from experience, it's often time consuming and oh can it go wrong. The few things I make regularly for me and my family are deodorant, lip balm, body butter/stretch mark cream. Otherwise I've failed at things like face cream, facial cleanser, shampoo and anything that requires precise detail, emulsification and general patience.

I'd love to make everything we use, but I just don't have it in me, which is where Holly Beth Organics comes in. It's like having a really talented best friend making these items for you. They're pure, authentic and beautifully made and each item carries that feel that it was made just for you with all the care you'd put into it yourself.

So let's talk about some favorites!

Grits & Honey Scrub

Well, being Southern, any time you mention grits or honey and I'm all over it. So I was thrilled to open this scrub and slather it on my face with gusto. With ground cornmeal as a gentle exfoliator and a base of Tupelo honey, this stuff is heavenly. There's also a little vitamin E and almond oil mixed in and that's it. I start by scrubbing lightly in a circular motion with my fingertips and then I let the mask sit for the duration of my bath or shower. The honey imparts an incredible amount of moisture and antibacterial properties for glowing, supple skin.

Camellia Sunflower Face & Neck Oil

Pure delight for your skin in this bottle. This oil is balancing, hydrating, refreshing and you wake up with the most radiant skin. I try quite a few facial oils and this one ranks among my favorites. Straighforward, simple ingredients found in nature that nourish your skin. Absorbs quickly and non-comedogenic.

Lemon Lime Shea Butter Cream

I just typed about 5 lines of praise for shea butter, but then I decided to just tell you that instead. We all know what a wonder shea butter is and somehow HB Organics makes it seem new, fresh and just discovered. Her organic blend of shea butter and lively, fragrant essential oils revitalize your skin and your spirit. It's just plain happy and I love it. This product smooths and nurtures even the most neglected skin. It makes for a great body balm, hand cream and I would definitely recommend as a belly butter.

Holly Beth Organic's range of products extend far beyond what I've highligted here and their ingredients are of the highest quality. Read the list, you'll see. And for the sake of not running a mile long with all the items I love, let me just leave you with this: This is possibly one of the most true, unadulterated lines on the market. Her products are organic, cruelty free and made in small artisnal batches chock full of goodness and heart. 

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