Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Over the MOOM: Gentle, Organic Hair Removal

Hair Removal. It's a painful subject. And not because it can actually be physically painful, but what a pain to constantly come back to the same thing. Pain in the you-know-what is what it is. Yes, you can have professional treatments that take care of this on a long term basis - but I've tried those, it came back. I even bought one of those really pricey at home laser hair removal machines - that didn't work either. Now, it's not like I'm exceptionally hairy. I'd say my hair is fine at most and certainly not dark or coarse, so why is this so hard?!? And don't get me started on the eyebrow waxing nightmares over the years. Apparently "a nice, natural arch" translates into "I'm sorry, did you say you want half of your eyebrown taken off?"

I resorted to waxing myself. I don't suggest this to everyone because you can still mess up, or worse, burn or scar yourself. But my perfectionist ways always get the best of me. And still, it's been hard for me to find waxing products to use that I actually am happy with as well, so many wasted dollars on items too harsh for sensitive skin that are full of chemicals and cause break outs. Why, hair Gods, why?

So I heard of this company, MOOM, who offer all-natural and organic hair removal products. I emailed them right up and wanted to try. Why not, I've seriously tried everything else - but nothing like this. 100% organic and food grade ingredients, NO chemicals, NO artifical anything, NO animal testing -  which make it ideal for sensitive, delicate skin. You use it in a traditional manner to remove hair for up to 8 weeks, but without the seriously high temperatures. Oh, and it RINSES OFF. Yes. Wash it right off without picking, peeling or sticking. More like sugaring if you will.

Organic Eyebrow Shaping Kit

A good eyebrow is everything. So I'm always on top of mine and this adorable, handy little kit is just perfect for that. Made of all organic ingredients (sugar cane, chamomile tea, lemon juice, tea tree oil and pomegranate) and includes a little wax tube you heat in hot water, wooden applicators, fabric strips and instructions. You can apply directly from the tube, but I had more precise luck with the applicator. The overall ease was impressive, but I did have to keep it in the hot water in between applications or it got hard to squeeze. 

Sorry to gross you out with my eyebrow hair, but just to show it's effective! It works on those stubborn, thicker hairs and what you can't see are those seemingly million little blond hairs, I call them fillers, go away forever please.

MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender

Also comprised of organic and natural ingredients, this hair removal kit is good for larger areas as well as delicate small areas. It comes with an ample amount of wax, large and small waxing strips and large and small applicators. I tried this on my legs, bikini area and armpits (don't worry, no photos) and was very pleased. It was extremely gentle and seemed less painful than others I've tried. The rinse off factor is a major plus. The lavender was also a nice addition to help sooth my skin afterwards. I experienced no major irritation or ingrown hairs. Just nice and smooth for about 7 weeks.
End note: I'm thrilled that these products are full of toxin-free ingredients. I didn't get a break out once, but I did still have a few stubborn hairs left behind. It could be my waxing technique, but honestly it didn't bother me because I feel better about what I'm using, that I don't mind taking a tweeze to one or two strays. My skin also wasn't blazing red and raw, just awake, which is a nice change from screaming skin. I mean who puts stuff that hot next to their eyes anyway? MOOM can be found online at retailers like Amazon and Drugstore.com and also locally at some Walgreens and Walmarts.


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