Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall Favorites: Hydrated, Radiant Skin

Fall has always been my favorite season: the color palette, falling leaves, pumpkin everything, skinny jeans and riding boots, cozy sweaters, oversized scarves, Thanksgiving - just the way the season has an overall crispness yet warmth that accompanies it. Something about this time of year always leaves me feeling grateful. With those same fond sentiments I bring you my Fall Favorites. Each of these items are natural, comforting and the perfect product for the transitioning season.

Balanced Guru Antioxidant Masque

This little jar of incredible antioxidants feeds your skin, helping it fight free radicals and boosting Vitamin C content. Did I mention it's every holiday scent you've ever loved in a jar? After applying (which is super easy, mix with water and go) I ran up to my husband shouting "smell my face!" He said I smelled like Christmas, but to me the colorful berries, clove and cinnamon reminded me of home and every holiday memory I hold dear. Certainly enough to bliss me out for the 15 minutes I left it on. And once I rinsed, a rush of radiance. I use this once a week to brighten my complexion.

Using this masque once a week, still SO much left. 
Simply mix with water in your palm until you get a thick yet spreadable consistency, apply and wait to dry! You can see my cheeks are still wet. It may not look pretty now, but wait until you rinse! 

Ambre Blends Skin Tonic

The list of adjectives for this product go a little something like this: powerful, supple, sensual, rejuvenating, hydrating, nourishing, liquid gold. I could go on, but I've never used an oil quite like this. The first component is the signature Ambre Essence (you can choose from 4 scents) that provide an aromatherapy experience in themselves, but then you have natural and organic ingredients and oils that strengthen and soften your skin with vitamins and omegas. 1-2 pumps is enough for your face (can be used on the body as well) and it absorbs quickly for healthy skin. This is ideal for your nighttime skin routine and after the Antioxidant Masque. This Skin Tonic is incredibly luxe and unique, leaving a glow from within that I've not experienced with other oils. Oh, and I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure it's making my eyelashes grow - which is completely possible with those nourishing components.

True Natural Perfect Tan for Body

Keeping a realistic tan in the fall and winter season is a tad difficult with cooler temps and shorter days, which is why Perfect Tan for Body is, well perfect. Another fantastic organic self-tanner with quality ingredients. It's highly moisturizing, doesn't smell other than it's vanilla mandarin scent, and lasts for 7 days. I find it really easy to apply, quite thin and doesn't dry instantly making it easy to cover all areas - yet it doesn't linger and rub off on your clothes. I've not had one streak and the color is rich and develops within 3 hours. It has plenty of antioxidants and anti-aging properties, which is a bonus. I tend to order the medium and darker blends because I want a noticeable effect and that's what I get without looking unnatural. Great every day or in preparation for holiday parties and events. Certainly one of the better self tanners I've ever used. 

Balanced Guru Balm Me Up

BG's second appearance on this list, that's because I'm really a believer in their quality formulations and pure ingredients. This balm is such a treat, especially after your skin freaks out because the weather is colder, dryer and you've kicked on the heat. A mixture of cocoa/shea butters and essential oils really work to moisturize, enrich and heal skin. It's a little heavier than a lotion, you'll need to melt it into your hands before applying, but it absorbs within a few minutes so you are left with deep hydration, but not greasy or tacky skin. For maximum results, apply after an exfoliating bath or shower. Oh, and prepare to be addicted to the comforting yet uplifting scent.

I really use and love all of these favorites! 
BTW - that's the small tonic, I've used it 3x a week for a month and that's what's left, incredible value.

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