Monday, October 20, 2014

illuMask: Anti-Aging Face Mask

Storm Trooper. Daft Punk. I first joked that this product should come labeled as an intruder deterrent because it certainly frightens dogs and children, but does it work? We certainly think so.

 On a side note, taking 15 minutes out of my day, technology-free was so refreshing!

By we, I mean my husband and I. I tried the illuMask Anti-Aging face mask a few times at first to get the feel of it, so I could comfortably write about it, but then I lent it to my husband as the test subject because his fine lines are a little more defined than mine. He's a firefighter, he's out in the sun quite a bit more than me, and with his medical past I believe the chemo and radiation really took a toll on his skin. I felt if anyone was going to get the benefit it was him. 

So how does this mask work? Through their LED phototherapy lights placed in the mask, of both the red and infrared variety, it works by combating the first signs of aging. LED light phototherapy basically harnesses the natural healing power of the sun, while being 100% free of damaging UV light. The red light energy in the anti aging mask penetrates more deeply to decrease inflammation, increase circulation, improve collagen production and stimulate skin tissue healing. Simply put, with regular use you should expect clearer, younger, brighter looking skin with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hubs relaxing in the illuMask

Now, I don't have a camera good enough to catch what you see with the human eye (and he wouldn't let me post them anyway) so you'll just have to believe me on this, but we both saw a difference. This isn't night and day, face lift difference, but for a $30 product the results we witnessed were well worth it. Overall, his skin seemed smoother, less pigmentation and just a really pretty, even tone. His fine lines were still there, but the didn't seem as pronounced, and a tiny one on his forehead was almost invisible. It seems that the illuMask works in so many small ways that as a whole you end up looking extremely fresh and revitalized. And this was with just one round (30 uses), I can imagine it only gets better with continued use.

And as you may see on their site, they have one for acne prone skin that is helps heal and prohibit the growth of bacteria that causes the condition. And as I mentioned, it's under $30 and you can find them at Target, Ulta, Walgreen's and more... so this obviously chemical free anti-aging treatment is affordable and accessible. Awesome.

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