Friday, October 3, 2014

Gaelle Organics: Divine Skincare, Visible Results

For the past month I have been treating my skin to a "divine intervention" otherwise known as Gaelle Organics. I know I say a lot of great things about a lot of truly great products, but this line has changed my life - or at least the life of my skin.

A company founded by a former model turned makeup artist, the goal was to create simple, organic creams just as good as (if not better than) the chemically-laden ones with a hefty pricetag. And that she did, all while teaching women to honor their natural beauty and happiness.

I was honored to test quite a few of their products and they are beyond incredible; certified by 3 different organic testing unions and every single ingredient is listed on their site and linked out so you can see for yourself what you are using (see below for a more indepth look at one I found particularly interesting*).

Toner Superieure Pore Refiner

Everything you could ever want in a toner. The Audrey Hepburn of toners if you will. PH-balanced with floral waters and botanicals to tighten, refine texture, and reduce oil/breakouts. I find this the best for overall calming and prepping your face for the day. No alcohol, non drying.

Creme Superieure Regenerative Moisturizer*

Exceptional for dry or mature skin, this sleek moisturzer goes on like nothing I've ever tried and leaves behind the most beautiful radiance. I am obsessed with this creme. I'd really like to bathe in it. I will say it is heavier than a normal day cream and needs time to absorb, so it might be best for many of you to use as a night cream. However, I use it morning and night and I put it on well before the need for makeup because it does have luxurious oils in it, so it's quite shiny. I've seen a noticeable difference in my skin texture and appearance of fine lines and discolorations. I will never not use this cream.

Ultra Sensitive Creme Restorative Moisturizer*

This version is a tad thicker in the pot than that mentioned above, yet absorbs easier/quicker. Ideal for sensitive skin. It works perfect as a day or night cream, yet I've been using it as an eye cream. Melts into skin and ever so slightly softens fine lines. I put this on pretty generously under my eyes first thing in the morning or well before getting ready so it has time to soak in giving me an energized, rested appearance with no eye irritation.

Comparison of the two: Left - Creme Superieure, Right - Ultra Sensitive Creme. Very similar, CS has a little more of an oil base with longer absorption time.

Body Creme Superieure Moisturizing Treatment

Pure, milky, gentle, nourishing. I massage this thin miracle worker in after every shower for baby soft, silky, glowing skin. My overall tone and texture has vastly improved.

Exfoliant Superieure Refining Treatment

When it comes to scrubs, I'm usually a fan of microfoliant products with miniscule particles, so this was different for me as the beads are quite large. On my face I didn't feel I got the scrubbing effect I desired, but I don't think that's the point, this is more of an overall refinement of the skin and it works really well for larger body surfaces. It definitely removes dead cells, softens and moisturizes the skin for days on end.

If you have dry, mature, stressed out, fatigued, aging, lackluster - you get where I'm going - skin, I urge you to try this product line (they have a travel pack so you can try the range). It's luxe, but it's simple. I find it a joy to use it every day, and it's skin care. Beautifully made, visable results.

*Hold up, what is Bovine Colostrum?

With outbreaks and mutated virus strains today, colostrum has become a superfood that can promote and support a fully functional immune system. Colostrum supplementation can reportedly increase healing, energy, immunity and other secondary benefits like smoother skin. 

Okay, so that's great, but if you're asking what I'm asking, it's "are we depriving young cattle from colustrum and/or perpetuating an industry solely to make colostrum somehow?"

The answer is not simple, but you'll like it, hang with me. 

The development of the bovine (cow) digestive system is tricky, calves have a limited window to consume the right amount of colostrum before their digestive track transforms and is no longer absorbing the the antiobodies needed. Dairy cows often have udders that hang too low for a calf to nurse properly, so calves are bottle fed colostrum within the first 4 hours of life, then in the 6-12th hour. By 12 hours after birth, only 30% is absorbed by the intestines, that's how fast they form, however, the mother continues to produce for quite some after.

Recognizing this, farmers know that if the colostrum is not removed within a certain time frame, mommy cow will begin to reabsorb these substances, including the hormones, disrupting the composition of the mammary gland as it tries to transition to whole milk - so they lightly help alleviate so she can begin to produce neccessary milk. And there in that alleviation they get back up to create supplements for health and beauty. 

Baby calves are just about as valuable to dairy farmers as they come, so ensuring that they properly nourish the baby in the first few hours of life is extremely important for the continued success of their business. They don't take anything away from the calves, but rather make use of the colostrum while it's available, while also alleviating the reabsorbtion from the mother.

Now I can't speak for all dairy farmers with this, but I do know who the distributor is for Gaelle Organics and was able to hear first hand how they take care of the colostrum. I felt comfortable enough with their description, and the fact that they open up to answering questions - because they know they are going to get them. So for this particular product line and their source, I was satisfied with what I learned from this am happy to see what the results are.


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