Sunday, October 26, 2014

Breast Friends: Self-Exams & the Perfect Pink Lip

It shouldn't take an entire month devoted to awareness for us to be aware of how incredible our bodies are and that we should take care of and keep an eye on them. Even though my once perky breasts now resemble more of a raisin instead of a small melon, I'm still very thankful for what they are capable of and am an avid self-exam user. Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws back the curtain on how to detect, how prevalent it is and that it doesn't just affect women. So all of you, once a month, in the shower, applying lotion, whatever it takes for you to remember - get to checking (diagram below).

So aside from my little PSA, I certainly don't mind a month full of gorgeous pink goodies and limited edition items, and this little gem right here is one of my favorites. Now, you may think pink lipstick is pretty specific - bridal, springy, etc, but this Living Nature lipstick in Bloom looks great on any skin tone and in any season.
As is, Bloom is a cool, carnation pink. The formulation is smooth yet not overly slick. I don't find it hyper moisturizing, but I do find that the pigment lasts for hours on end, it's almost a hybrid stain. However, I always top with a gloss, so this is no problem, actually it's what makes it so adapting. Check out how you can ever-so-subtly transform this gorgeous base into a fantastic neutral lipstick for all seasons simply by using a different color gloss, tint or even lipstick.

All of these are a solid Bloom base with Barely There liner by MAC.
L Top: Bloom with a dot of clear shimmer gloss (Clear Water Lipglass by MAC) in the center. 
R Top: Topped with Sheer Coincidence Mineralize Lipglass by MAC
L Bottom: Topped with Shiitake Lipstick by MAC
R Bottom: Topped with Volupte Sheer Candy in Mouthwatering Berry by YSL

Now I realize these are just slightly different, which is the beauty of it. A great pink lipstick that is beautiful on it's own yet can transform day to night, spring to summer, summer to fall with items you already have. It's perfect. You could definitely play with bolder colors, but for me, I like to stay semi-nude and just cater to what I'm wearing or the mood.

GIVING BACK: Living Nature certified natural lipsticks are devoted to educating and informing through supporting the Breast Cancer Network. $1 from every Bloom sale is donated to BCN and encourages women to reduce their toxic product load and live life in full bloom.

*Per the Living Nature site, if you buy Bloom you can get a free lip hydrator and through Oct. 27 (New Zealand time) 25% off cosmetic orders!

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