Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Bomb: Enfusia Bath & Body Products

If there's one thing on this earth that I love deep down in my soul its a nice, long bath. I know you feel me. Especially when I was pregnant, nothing felt so good on my expanding body like the warm water enveloping me. Blissful moments of weightlessness and relaxation. And one of my favorite treats to enhance the beauty of bathtime, then and now, is just about anything from Enfusia
Enfusia's mission is simple: healthy skin for all without the unneccessary chemicals. They aim to heal and protect the skin through organic and natural botanical ingredients. Made in the USA, 100% vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. So let's get to the goods. 

Bath Bombs
These little pieces of heaven come in an assortment of scents to match your mood or needs. I happen to be partial to the deep relaxation I find in Lavender, but the choices are vast. Just drop one of these Bombs in your tub and let the fizz and foam transport you while softening your skin with moisturizing oils. Its an aromatherapy experience like none other. Tip: These are wonderful gifts for anyone, particularly expectant or new moms and can often be found at Whole Foods.

Spa Bath Salts & Soaks

If you need to amp up your bath time benefits, Enfusia's sea salts are mineral-dense for an amazing spa experience. Delightfully scented with essential oils or natural (phthalate-free) fragrance, you can add these to your bath, relax and let your body rejuvenate as it releases toxins. I feel so calm and pure after using these. Tip: They also come in assorted foil packs for $2.99 so you can try one of each or have a stash on hand for your delivery team or anyone you need a small gift for.

Body Lotion

Let's not forget after the bath! Enfusia makes some really yummy lotions - like can't stop sniffing the bottle level yummy. I tried the  "Let's Get Naked" scent and I am SO hooked. Not only with the wonderful, natural ingredients (that are phthalate, paraben, silicon and wax free), but the grapefruit-apple-strawberry-tangerine-black currant-rose scent combination is out of this world! It has been my summer staple and I can't wait to buy more of this and the other scents. These botanically based ingredients truly make a difference on your skin right away and have definitely improved my skin's tone and texture - even where those stretch marks are. Warning: You will be addicted.

I am thoroughly impressed with Enfusia's products, allowing me pamper myself when I need it most. It reminds me of the glory days when I'd buy one of everything at B&BW, except now there's not question in my mind whether these delicious fragrances are okay for me and baby. (Speaking of, they have a baby line, Cocoon Baby which is up for review next!)

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