Monday, September 15, 2014

Line We Love: Cocoon Baby

Enfusia, the makers of those delictable and natural bath treats I shared a week or so ago, brings forth a baby line very fitting to it's name - Cocoon Baby does just that, swathes your precious little (or not so little) ones in their wonderful, safe, natural and effective products. 

From bubble bath, to chemical-free sunscreen, to baby massage oil - I love every single offering, but my favorites might just be the staples, Gentle Body Wash & Hair Wash and Gentle Moisturizing Lotion.

The Gentle Body & Hair wash is free of parabens, phthlates and suflates, relying on organic oils and herbal extracts. The formula is glucose based, helping with even the most sensitive of issues like eczema and dermatitis. It's extremely gentle and cleanses effectively without feeling stripped. I must admit, I even used it on our dog who always seems to have dry skin and that's the best she's ever smelled! Cause y'all, the scent - I imagine that's what heaven smells like. With a punchy note of lemongrass and calming undertones of lavender and chamomile, it's so beautiful, and the scent was chosen by kids, so it's a crowd pleaser for all.

And the Gentle Moisturizing Lotion, also smelling of heaven, is paraben, silicon and wax free and full of organic, unrefined shea butter and aloe. It is like applying silk to the skin, I don't know if I've ever felt a lotion like this. We wear a lot of sunscreen in this house and I've noticed since using this lotion our son's skin is much more resilient and retains it's moisture, event with as drying as SPF can seem. It also smoothes minor irritations and scratches really well.

I've been loyal to about 2 brands of baby products since my child was born and I am thrilled to expand my range to include Cocoon Baby, it performs so well and I just can't get over the scent!

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