Friday, September 12, 2014

Na2ure: Brilliant Minds in the Making

I've had the opportunity to test a few fun items (well, face it beauty and baby items ARE fun, but I mean items to play with) recently, and one of them is a little game called Ani-gram-it by Na2ure.

Ani-gram-it is a crossword style game, except you make animals, not words, with body parts, not letters. And much like Scrabble per se, each set of body parts can be added to with the next player like an anagram. It comes in a board version and travel card pack version.

Here we are at dinner, cards on the table. 
The travel pack is easily stored in a little box and 
great for needed moments of entertainment.

Now, if you're thinking, your child is almost 2 - this is way beyond - you're right. However, while he may not be smooth in his delivery of putting an animal completely together, he is learning things he would never have learned otherwise, about animal classifications, spines and venom, limbs vs beaks. He takes the travel cards out everywhere we go and giggles when we get to the teeth, because for some reason teeth are funny. While the objective of the game is definitely not achieved right now, it's building a knowledge base with these items that I look forward to building on as his skills grow and we can play the game as it's intended. But for now, we're learning and having a good time - for those of you with older children, this is a stimulating experience, the potential here is vast - and fun - even I am remembering information I'd long forgotten.

There's also a digital component for tablets (FREE!) called Ferret that I must admit my husband and I love playing with, too.We like to see who can get everything right, while our son giggles and yells, "Tiger! Stripes! Teeth! Rawwwwwr". For appropriately aged children this is a fun test of knowledge that allows you to see what you've learned. From anatomy, to habitat, to behavior, it challenges kids to describe an animal all the way around, they're discovering and reinforcing what they know about annimals in our world. And for younger ones like mine, it's fun to walk through it together identifying what those specific components are that make up these beloved animals.

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